New "rare and lovely" short stories from the "wickedest man in the world"

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I met my wife because of Aleister Crowley. No, really!


A welcome addendum to my H.P.Lovecraft collection.

Though I haven’t read these stories, I’ve read quite a bit of Crowley’s work, and, if David Tibet is comparing him to Borges, I suspect he might be more than a little bit biased.


Apparently they have been published before- and the texts can be read online at the Aleister Crowley Bibliography Project.

His writing was so prolific that I wonder how he managed to make time for all that wickedness.


Haha! That was some one else’s description of Crowley.

When when one distorts ones view of the world so profoundly it can make you crazy…but just before that others start to go mad around you.

Ouspensky is another example of this.

If you’re refering to the ‘wickedest man in the world’, it was the tabloid ‘John Bull’, and the article itself is available to read via the link I posted above.

That sounds like an interesting story!


We were both members of the Ordo Templi Orientis (as was/is my mother).


Well well, another chance to raise a glass to A. It’s been a while.


Isn’t that called ‘Naive Optimism’?

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