Ray Liotta (RIP): supercut of him saying "Karen" over and over in Goodfellas

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Awwwww no…

I really liked Ray Liotta while simultaneously being terrified by him.


Same. Everyone who worked with him is saying he was a really sweet guy, nothing like the creeps he often played. :smiley:


What seemed to be a potentially light-hearted Jonathan Demme comedy took a crazy turn when Ray Liotta shows up in Something Wild.

He was awesome.


Same. I find Robert Carlyle fucking terrifying on screen but actually he’s really nice too.

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Yes. And Su Tissue also added a touch of kooky whimsy to the film.


I know he’s known for Goodfellas, but I’d go with this for those who will appreciate it:


I’ve been trying to find his scenes from SNL where he did a sing-along of “Getting to Know You” with the audience. It was terrifying.


Yeah, it looked like a trite romcom before that, but suddenly it was something more interesting.


A friend took me to see Trainspotting when it came out. I didn’t see Mr Carlyle in anything until folks on tumblr filled my dashboard w/Rumpelstiltskin, etc stuff.
No, wait. My BF hipped me to 28 Weeks Later, which I loathed, refused to finish, and worked hard to forget as much of as poss. I was fairly successful, as I don’t recall his being in it!

I didn’t catch Jonny Lee Miller in anything again until (the Yankistani Sherlock Holmes series) Elementary.

When my BF tried the Trainspotting sequel on me (which also didn’t take), I freaked TF out. I’d never re-watched the orig film (OMG no), so seeing the two of them in the sequel messed with my head. I (thought I) vividly remembered the aptly named Sick Boy, and just couldn’t believe it had been Mr Miller. I still don’t see his face below That Hair in the orig film. I can clearly picture him in the sequel.

I normally remember actors after seeing them only once, even in tiny roles, if they make enough of an impression on my sealing wax-like mind, and will remember where I’d seen them. I can’t believe I didn’t remember the two of them, b/c both are so great! Maybe b/c it’s a painful, occasionally really gross movie, so my brain didn’t hang on to stuff as usual.

I’ll “remember” films I’ve never seen, often w/in seconds, if I read about them once a thousand years ago. Cracks me up.


Apropos. Sorta…

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It’s works since Demme used the music in the movie!

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