Los Angeles waitress rates celebrity patrons based on niceness

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Celebrity or not, you can tell a lot about a person by how they consistently* treat the waitstaff at restaurants.

Also, nice or not, celebs get a reputation very quickly amongst the restaurant and retail workers (and film crews) of L.A.

[* everyone has a bad day now and then, as this server generously allows]


Same goes for delivery people.

I used to deliver for a catering company and I was always amazed by the celebrity encounters and how they treated us. Will Arnett still stands out as being one of the nicest people I ever dealt with on the job and he wasn’t even the client. He was just there.


My best was Fred Ward/Remo Williams, what a fantastic human, great table manners, super gracious, and treated his Dear Wife like the treasure she no doubt is. Good tipper too.
Were there baddies, you bet, but screw those aholes, we got better things to do.




My wife was a cocktail waitress and dancer in a Las Vegas casino about 10 years ago, and there were all kinds of stories about which celebs came in to gamble and were nice to dealers and servers (Matt Damon was an apparent standout). There were also a lot of her friends who were performers in some of the shows on the Strip, and they told us stories of which headliners were a challenge to work for. People held on to those memories for years, and it didn’t take much to get a bad reputation.


A friend of mine was a Production Assistant for a commercial studio and still talks about how big of an ass Regis Philbin was on the set.


Fred Ward/Remo Williams/Earl Basset is always cinema gold for me. I’ve not seen him be anything more than charming and committed in any film. It was such a shame that Remo didn’t become a franchise (though maybe they could have cast a Korean to play Master Chiun in the sequels).


Expect anything less?


Lady Gaga’s parents run a restaurant in NYC. There’s no way she ever be mean to a server.


Back in my younger life when I did some work as a bodyguard, my “best” were Henry Winkler, Grace Slick, and Branford Marsalis. Worst: Tim Leary was a total and complete asshole–an absolutely horrible person to be around.

As I wrote in an earlier reply, Henry Winkler is as kind and generous as people say. Beyond words, and especially with kids. The women who follow him around telling him that they “have known since I was a little girl that we are destined to be together” are frightening and a bit . . . . I dunno. . . . worrisome.


People on Boing Boing seem to have had such cool lives. I’m the exception to this rule.


Saw a TikTok from a NBC Page, and he said that Gaga was one of the nicest SNL guests he met, and she took time to thank everyone and remembered people.


if i worked in a restaurant again, i can honestly say i probably would never recognize a celebrity who wandered in. it would just be so out of context, my brain just wouldn’t clue in. that might be a benefit to the celeb, who knows.


Friends of mine worked music tours and said that Billy Joel was a total standout person. He invited all of the crew over to have a drink together, chatted with everyone, remembered names, and was really relatable. They had plenty of names (that I’ve already forgotten) who were total asses, but Billy Joel; you kind of got that impression already about him.


It was such a shame that Remo didn’t become a franchise (though maybe they could have cast a Korean to play Master Chiun in the sequels).

It was the 80’s. They put Fischer Stevens in full-on brownface to play an Indian robot expert in Short Circuit. And they actor that played Master Chiun in Remo Williams was Joel Grey, who is still probably most famous for being the emcee in Cabaret. They’re both agonizingly head-slapping stupid choices viewed from now, but at the time, they certainly seemed like perfectly sensible casting choices.

In any case, Joel Grey was NOT the reason Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (it’s full, actual title) wasn’t a hit. It tanked because it couldn’t decide if it a serious action/adventure movie or an action comedy that pokes fun at itself.

And that title? Talk about presumptuous…


Mann & Apatow must be godless, children beaters. I’m basing this solely on her grade inflated rankings.


Nah. I’m pretty boring, so there’s at least two of us!


That is subextraordinary.


I want to be in more situations in which Will Arnett is just there. One imagines that hilarity will assuredly ensue!