Los Angeles waitress rates celebrity patrons based on niceness

I think just being on bb gives you an instant +5 (I’m not sure what the scale is, truth be said).


Thinking about this. I guess LSD transcending the ego does nothing to improve the ego when one gets back.


Well, certainly not everyone’s ego.


My Pixar insider confided to me that Tom Hanks is a lovely person, Larry the Cable Guy is super nice, and Tim Allen is a jerk.


I fell in LOVE with Lady Gaga’s performance at the Inauguration, and I’m very glad (and not really surprised) to hear that she’s that nice.


Mom was a hostess at The Caucus Club and The London Chop House, two world-class restaurants in Downtown Detroit. The well-known jockey Willie Shoemaker often sat at the bars of these establishments, getting shitfaced. A nasty local news anchor (Bill Bonds) frequently was his drinking partner, and the two of them hurled long-winded obscene abuse at anyone who came close enough. Staff and customers’ paths described a wide arc to avoid them.

One night mom was standing near the cigar counter in one of those places, and briefly had her back to the door. All of a sudden the hair on the back of her neck stood up, and she shuddered. She turned, steeling herself, knowing she was obviously about to face down some serious evil. It was the then-mayor of Detroit, Cavanaugh, a known mobster, with four of his heavies. She seated them with a weak smile and without a word, at an overlarge booth against the back wall, so no one could get behind them and they could see the door and the whole place. She had a bad case of the creeps until the creeps finally left.

When she was very young, she got engaged to a very wealthy young man. He gave her a huge rock, big enough that mgmt at a fancy restaurant had the purchase investigated! She told me he had always treated waitstaff very badly, which made her uncomfortable and discomfited. Once he got that ring on her finger, she said he began treating her the same way.

Not long afterwards she gave back the ring.


… in previous decades, as a server in downtown Austin and South Austin… these people were super nice humans, humble, and I daresay happy mutants as well:

Dan Rather

Molly Ivins

Ann Richards (who gave one of her sobriety coins to my busboy, at the time he had been sober for almost an entire year)

Sarah Weddington

… there’s others, but I am tired enough right now to stop here, and hit the sack.

G’night Gracie.


My Dad met Charles “Bud” Tingle who happily chatted with him about Charlie the Wonder Dog.


I bet you have done or seen some things that some of us would think was cool. Maybe you’ve driven a semi, maybe you’ve driven a boat! Or perhaps it’s a mountain range you’ve visited that we would love to have seen, or a show you’ve been to. There’s always something! We tend to be boring to ourselves but others find us interesting!


National treasure… please don’t be an arshole Bud!

National Treasures… please don’t be arseholes Henry and Grace!

National treasure (in waiting)… please don’t be an arshole Mat!

National treasure (see above)

National Treasure (except for that song about the US common folk abdicating responsibility in starting fires… c’mon Billy "It was always burning"FFS!)

National Treasure… please please please please please please… don’t be an arsehole Tom!


I’ll be really upset if it ever comes out that Dave Ghrol or Johnny Ball has been up to no good.


No shock that tim allen’s a jerk - I can think of plenty of other words to describe someone who ratted out the friend who was his MJ source.


I can NOT let this go… I don’t know you at all. but I am POSITIVE - you have dome something, it MAY have seemed mundane and normal to you, but may be the most fantastical thing to someone else.

never EVER consider yourself boring. Be the best YOU that you can — and one day, you will meet a person who sees that fantastical thing you did — and you will smile. its kinda amazing when it happens.

every person ever alive - has somehow made a difference.

except people who don’t use their turn signals… F them


I wouldn’t say I’m boring; I’ve just not ever done anything “exciting” :smiley: Even, “Working on and off in the Comic’s industry for a couple of years of as an artist, inker and letter”, isn’t actually all that exciting :smiley:

That being said, thank you very much for your kind words. And, just for the record, I don’t have turn signals. :wink:


He sounds like a solid down-town guy.

PS: I’ve just watched the video to Up Town Girl for the first time in ages; and I found it a real hoot. It is very well staged, but the dancing isn’t too polished. I’m just left with an urge to give our greasy garage guy a hug.


I’m pretty sure everyone in Michigan knows Tim Allen is a jerk. It was one of the first things you heard when you move here (back in the day, probably not so much now).

Another famous Michigan guy, Jeff Daniels, is by all accounts a good egg. I’ve only met his wife, and she was quite nice.


I think it must be weird to be so famous that people tell newcomers to an entire state, “That guys an ass.” :smiley:


I think they just assume everyone in the whole US already knows Ted Nugent is a jerk, so they tell you about some other famous jerk. :woman_shrugging:


As someone who’s read comics off-and-on for years, I do find that interesting! :rofl:

We all have blind spots when it comes to ourselves and our experiences-- I’d say the same thing about myself, yet if I look at it as impartially as I can, I’ve got a few halfway-decent stories I could tell. It’s all relative, we just have to remember not to judge ourselves too harshly. :grin:


That which does not destroy you, becomes an anecdote :smiley:

Thanks for the support.