Henry Winkler, age 75, drinks water with one hand

I’m quite sure he can go jump in a lake; I’d pay to see it, in fact…


Jump. Fall. Who cares, as long as he gets in there nice and deep?


I do it too—I imagine in my case it’s a combination of very large hands (so handles on a coffee mug are harder to use, for example) with being rather clumsy. I’m not 75, so it’s not an age thing. Never really thought about it, and had to confirm with my kid that I wasn’t imagining that I drink this way.


We need ice.

best known for his portrayal of ‘The Fonz’ on TV’s Happy Days

Oh cool. The producer of MacGyver’s an actor, too!


I did some “bodyguard/help” type work for him a few years ago. I watched as he sat at a table signing copies of a then-new book. Crazy women came up to tell him that they “knew” he was in love with them, etc etc. It was weird.

When it was time to go [he had to catch a plane] he got up and started to walk out. Then he noticed that the remaining line still had 100 people, maybe 30 of whom were kids. He stopped to talk to each and every one of the kids and sign their books. And he talked to them with full attention, not at all distracted by his assistant pleading with him to hurry up. “Airplanes can wait, I’m talking to a child here.”

I saw almost the exact same thing with Branford Marsalis and the group he was then playing with. During warm-ups they invited some nearby kids to come up and play with them, and got mad at their PAs who tried to hustle the kids away. “Hey! These are kids. Let them stay. Nothing more important.” After the show Branford sat there talking to some 8-10 year-olds while his bus was trying to move on to the next show. “Leave us alone. You can’t go anywhere without me.” And he talked music with them like they were peers.

Some people just get it.


Fuckin’ A, that’s great to hear. My one story along those lines was Amanda Palmer when she did a book tour shortly after releasing her first solo album, she apologized in advance if she wasn’t able to give everyone the perfect meeting with her but she totally gave everyone hugs, eye contact, was kind and unhurried. Just a total sweetheart and would love to see her come to town again in the future.

I also managed to chat up some of the long time band members that tour with Weird Al as me and like 10 other fans waited for hours to get autographs after the show. His bassist was pretty awesome, he just hung with us and was sharing stories. Weird Al showed up hours later since he was doing VIP meet & greets and he looked haggard and exhausted, he still took the time to sign stuff though understandably he had no energy for chit chat and pics. He sat on the steps of his tour bus as he signed stuff and i really cherish his kindness with his time when he really didn’t have to.


That’s so sweet. Slightly related, when I saw Belle & Sebastian about 10 years ago in Brooklyn, they called out for all of the kids in the crowd to raise their hands (there were a lot!), then threw each and every one of them a signed foam football. They had to chastise adults not to take them and make sure that only kids got them; they were very thorough and made sure every kid got one. It must have taken about 10 minutes in the middle of the set. So freaking sweet.


Ha! I’ve had less luck with rock groups. One band I was working for told me that if I wasn’t using my position to cop blowjobs from fans I was wasting my time.


“Everyone is saying that, everyone is saying the shark will eat me. Experts agree. The Best Experts.”


So, he’s like the Dave Grohl of actors, or James Garner.


Or the anti-Milton Berle. That guy was universally despised by everyone who had to deal with him.


I’m now imagining Milton Berle playing Trump in his biopic; he sounds like he would have been ideal.


Clearly a CGI trick. Fake News!


I also don’t think it’s standard or taught anywhere, but I do this sometimes too. For me it depends on the cup shape and whether I expect it (or my hands) to be slippery. If it is plastic, or has no condensation, or isn’t too full or heavy, or is wider at the top that where I’m holding hit, then I don’t do this. But a large, thick glass cylinder, full, with a cold beverage on a hot day, then definitely.


I don’t do that, but I stick a finger from my free hand into my ear. Prevents leakage


Uhhmmm… Did I miss something? Is this some sort of internet challenge?


I’d settle for watching him trying to ride a motorcycle, or a Segway.


If you’ve not seen it, you must see Real Men. For some reason IMDB only has it at 6.2 stars but it’s a damned classic.


Yeah that Bob Loblaw is a jerk.