Trump enjoys drinking water like a toddler


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It really is odd.

Maybe he’s afraid he’ll drop it, after giving Rubio a hard time?




Reminds me of a raccoon eating garbage.


Hey, now, don’t be so mean to the trash pandas.


For heaven’s sakes, someone get that man a proper drinking receptacle.




But I’m sure that as with everything else for him, it needs more gaudiness.


Looking more and more like corrupt, criminal, world leaders who’ve wangled their way into office who – beyond all that – exhibited bizarre behavior and mannerisms. Trump is Idi Amin and Il Duce rolled into one festering blob.


He’s obviously got some serious cognitive difficulties, but I also suspect he needs both a hearing aid and glasses, but for whatever reasons can’t bring himself to get them (vanity, denial, etc.). I can’t fully explain his behavior, otherwise.



He holds his water in both hands. He’s afraid of walking down stairs. That starts to sound to me very much like someone who’s experiencing motor control issues.

Mild cognitive impairment and problems with fine or gross motor control are possible indicators of incipient dementia. I think there’s fairly strong evidence that Trump displays the former; if he’s also showing the latter, it may indicate that his problems are worsening.

I don’t think we should be mocking him for “drinking water like a toddler”. We will all (if we are spared) get to where he is sooner or later. But it could be a sign that the positive picture of his physical and mental state given by his personal Dr Feelgood in the run-up to the election wasn’t entirely accurate.


After rummaging around in storage at Mar a Lago and about a hundred golf courses, I found this,
The Donald’s old sippy cup:



Point taken about mocking apparent infirmity, but for one thing, we’re not sure that’s what it is in Trump’s case (it could just as easily be another weird habit), and two, any chance to knock this massive, destructive tower of ego down a peg is a chance worth taking.



Moreover Trump is not someone who would hesitate even a nanosecond before mocking another person’s physical or mental handicaps. If Hillary’s dentures had started slipping during a speech he’d never let it go. And as already noted he DID let Rubio have it for a single awkward water sipping moment.

Trump deserves no quarter here.


None of those Twitter videos would load for me. Every single one went black with white text saying “The media could not be played.”

Are they working for everybody else?


Every time I look at that animatronic, I see Peter Boyle.


If someone took footage of me over a few years and chained it together like that, I’d look like I was suffering from dementia, too. I forgot where my shoes were this morning.

They did this to Clinton, too, and it’s not exactly good evidence. Don’t get me wrong, I think Trump is a spoilt brat, a feckless millionaire playboy in way out of his depth. I think he’s in denial about his declining physical health (dude’s in his fricking 70s, nearly EVERYONE is in shitty health in their 70s, and he is clearly overweight and almost certainly needs glasses). There’s lots of things you can say, but this is not a good criticism.


Or other things


Not Hillary Clinton?