Video of Hollywood celebs "refusing to clap" for winner goes viral


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Stephen Fry was unavailable for comment.


Perhaps they are just a bunch of self-absorbed Hollywood assholes who are too important to clap for anyone else.


Or maybe they disagreed with mad max’s core ethics.

Who knows? opinions, assholes…etc.


Does this suggest that you did?

Did the other 5 Mad Max Oscar winners get applauded?


I did not. And that’s a good question.



I’m sure it’s something professional. Hollywood types love to applaud each other almost as much as they love receiving applause. For that many to scowl and fold their arms, she must have done something beyond the pale.


i see what you did there


I dunno; we’ve seen spouse abusers, scientologists, people with criminal charges pending, and worse, all get at least polite applause.


What’s wrong with leather?


“but how would they know until she was already walking past them?”

What? You think they weren’t keeping tabs on what everyone was wearing and who was where and whatnot before the ceremony started? Methinks that you haven’t been around highly cliquish people who are into shaming people for their various sartorial choices.

But watching the video - a lot of those folks on the end who aren’t clapping are smiling and don’t really look like they’re all that upset (a few do though - there’s one guy who looks appalled). So perhaps they just don’t clap? Is there video of them clapping for other people going past them?


Could they just be ticked that they didn’t have the chutzpah to show up looking original?

You’d think Hollywood types would be more aware of how petty and dickish they’d look on camera for doing that. And how much better and more gracious the few who did clap come across.


Refusing to clap just shows that they didn’t actually watch the movie. The correct response should have been, “MEDIOCRE BEAVANS, MEDIOCRE!”

While everyone else shouted, “WITNESS!”…

you know if we are keeping with the theme and all.


I’m sure some of those not clapping folks are animal rights activists…


But I bet they’re wearing leather shoes… And, perhaps, carrying leather handbags or wallets…


Maybe… Perhaps some of them do walk the walk,because they can probably afford to do so. Not that I think there is anything wrong with being a vegan, caring about animals, etc, etc.

But of course, it’s all speculation anyway. Who knows why they aren’t clapping…


What’s important is that they all clapped for Lady Gaga’s number with all those poor, ordinary looking victims of sexual abuse while most every lady in the room had had to ride the casting couch to get to the Oscar level.


Perhaps one hand is?


Ah, they are all just deep philosophers then!