Watch the wrong movie announced as Best Picture Oscar winner, then the right one

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I’m all for giving credit where credit is due, but when it comes to the awards shows…I’m with Chrissy Teigen.

I couldn’t imagine having to sit through hours of that (which most home viewers don’t see) as many film people do.


Stop allowing the presenters to get drunk PRIOR to having to read the cards. Problem solved


Steve Harvey was probably screaming at the TV, “See! See! We read what is on the card! You give us the wrong card or make it confusing, it ain’t so easy, is it?”

Though what kinda sucks is that the Oscars have often been criticized for over looking black actors and films, and this fiasco sort of overshadows how significant this recognition is.



I had to leave the room while my wife watched last night. When we breakfasted this morning, she said “Did you hear about the big reversal!?” She’s been recently unusually obsessed with political news, so I had hoped that she was going to tell me about Trump stepping down, or the Supreme court voiding the election results or something. Then she told me La La Land didn’t actually win, that it was Moonlight instead.

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.


What a stirring performance piece relating the big award from the night to our most recent election. Seeing one party who thought they had won seeing it taken from them with the media and all observing in such a state of confusion…

What? This was just a mistake?

Life imitating art imitating life.


From what I gather PWC has two full sets of envelopes, one on each side of the stage. Leo came out and read Best Actress (Emma Stone for La La Land) from one side and Warren Beatty came out the other. The auditor on Beatty’s side forgot to switch to the next envelope, or they were out of order. In hindsight Beatty was clearly confused by what he read and didn’t know how to react, only reading the film title when pressured to get on with it.


A friend wants to set me up with a woman in the industry who goes to the Oscars and Emmys every year, implying that being her escort to the events would be one of the perks of getting together with her. While it would be an interesting one-time experience to go to a big awards show, it definitely seems like you’re in for the long haul once things get underway. I’d probably end up with you and Chrissy Teigen if I went on a regular basis.


This is the correct series of events. Though it was Dunaway that said the name.
Also, unless I blinked, I didn’t see David Bowie in the In Memoriam segment, which is a major oversight, IMO.


How exactly is the applause sustained all evening? I might have expected automatic-clapping machines to have come into vogue, but at this point it’s probably cheaper just to pay seat-fillers to clap for hours on end. (Naturally, the camera has the freedom to scan the entire audience to find someone famous clapping when needed.)

As for the mixup, it’s clearly those darn millennials again. For some reason.


Wasn’t he in last year’s?

They did apparently overlook Garry Shandling, Robert Vaughan & Bill Paxton though (might have been a push to fit him in though)



Bowie was included in last year’s In Memoriam.


I thought they usually did who passed the previous year. Jennifer Aniston mentioned Paxton’s death.

Yea, I realized that now.

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I believe through the liberal application of alcoholic beverages. Those who can power through alcohol can clap for hours.
Those like me succumb to alcohol like Chrissy Teigen succumbs to an awards ceremony.


Or you could go the Matt Stone and Trey Parker route.

And I’ve always wondered about peeing, whether it’s better to go the route of dehydrating all day or just wearing diapers.




They did however use the image of a living person to represent someone else.


I just assumed he was in the previous years Oscars list.

The Oscars hires seat-fillers to sit in the seats of the “real” audience members if someone needs a drink or a bio break: Oscars Seat-Filler Interview.