No surprise here: this is a gotcha akin to the recent American election.

Better film won, imo.

Planned shock. Welcome to America these days…

P.S. The Academy orchestrated this gotcha to make a point, methinks, what do you think?

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God I sure hope not.


Why do you feel so to invoke a higher power?

At least Steve Harvey doesn’t have to carry the burden of “most embarrassing goof announcing the winner at an award ceremony” anymore.


Um, sort of. If, however, this gag was planned, then, no.


I didn’t mean to burst soap bubbles here, just speculating, like my opinion wonts to be…

mind blown

p.s. I’m working on a script as I type this: double-create, engaged, you stealers. Steal this.

I thought it might be planned hoax/joke but I think it’s more likely that it was not. What’s the upside to pulling it off? It’s not like the event needs additional press of some sort. And they’d look really foolish if the hoax was exposed. I suppose the presenters could have been handed the wrong card on purpose and it just went wrong in a way the prank makers didn’t expect. One thing I noticed is that the announcer just rolled with La La Land – I guess they have a blurb to read for each potential winner?

Considering the utter horror on the faces of the producers and presenters, no, I think this was a genuine screw-up. I don’t feel the need to see a conspiracy.


I think that if you try to extrapolate some sort of deeper meaning to the Oscar screw-up last night, you’re over thinking it.


Anyone who thinks it is a conspiracy should watch the 1989 Brit Awards.

From the moment it started, when Samantha Fox (5’1", 155cm) and Mick Fleetwood (6’5", 198cm) walked on stage to the wrong microphones, you knew it was going to be a disaster. Then the autocue failed.

Fuck-ups sometimes happen.


Don’t you know? This is the internet where baseless skepticism is always a winning move.

If it turns out that you were right - great, you win!

If you were wrong or if we never find out, then you still get to be smug about what looks like critical thinking from a distance, except that it takes zero knowledge, skill or effort.


I just had to look that up :slight_smile: This is why you need a host that is an all round entertainer that knows how to improvise and work a room as opposed to just a celebrity musician (or actor). They just had no idea what to do.

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For emphasis, because the impact/embarrasment-at-being-found-out ratio would be the smallest ever. They made their point with almost every commercial and half the speeches, no need for an embarrassing stunt.

Oh yes. That was awesome. And dreadful. And all the way back to awesome. (Yet dreadful).

It was all staged by Trump … And it worked !

I haven’t seen a single anti-Trump speech from the awards?

JMHO: I think the Academy can just plain screw up. Yep. That’s definitely what I think.

They did a decent job of not specifically attacking him, but keeping the message positive, all peace and love.

I was speculating in the moment, and apparently I was wrong, yet again…oh well!

Thanks for playing! It was fun for awhile.


P.S. Moonlight is a damn good film. La La Land is la la for me. I’ve enough of meat man and silky tofu, thank you very much. :wink:

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