An oral history of that insane Oscars fuck-up from last year


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I must admit that part of me was expecting and hoping that “La La Land” would win, not only because it’s a good film (which it is) but to see Hollywood do one of the things it does best at multiple levels: giving itself a blowjob.

Here we had a film that’s a love letter to the film industry almost getting the top award at the ultimate exercise in industry self-congratulation (that the world’s second most famous narcissist was announcing the winner added yet another layer).


There should be an Oscar for Best Dramatic Performance Over a Mistake that is Easily Remedied.


I’m blaming the incompetence on trumpism.


Right? The entire thing is set up so that the awards can be presented by trained monkeys. They handed the monkeys the wrong brightly colored object and befuddled both of them.


Wow, I am so out of touch. I knew that Moonlight had won but somehow missed the 'insane fuck-up, which seems pretty banal. Reminded of a comedian’s bit from somewhere about yelling at a bad driver; “You made me test my reflexes!! … and they worked perfectly!”


Oh I’ve seen this movie!


“The Artist” winning in 2011 and “Birdman” in 2014 are good signs of that. Films about filmmaking, Hollywood, or acting in general always seem to get a nod. Or musicals–because Hollywood is perpetually in a romance with its historical origins, those stage productions turned into movies when the medium was young and not sure of how to be its own thing.

“The Shape of Water” also has that hey-remember-how-great-old-Hollywood-movies-were vibe, which makes me believe the buzz that it’s already in the lead for Best Picture.


In my opinion, the scandal wasn’t that someone handed out the wrong envelope. It’s a massive blunder, for sure. But, anyone can make a mistake. It’s how they respond to it that matters.

The scandal is that it took two minutes and twenty three seconds from the wrong winner was announced, until someone actually did something about it. The mistake could easily have been corrected before the La La Land producers started giving their thank you speeches. Before they got their trophys. Before they even got on stage.

This deer in headlights-response from PwC is what turned a mistake into a scandal.


Typically, BB promotes the mainstream narrative over the more exhaustive research of the Oscars truther movement.

(The Jews did it.)


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