Suggestion for improving the design of the Academy Awards cards


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Perhaps it should be in Comic Sans?


No crap . The Steve Harvey goof up was also parly caused by bad layout, type and design.

You don’t need like a high end design firm. Like an Associates degree or someone who makes decent scrap books should be able to arrange things in a better way.


I think it was Price Waterhouse Cooper’s fubar? Supposedly the guy who was handling the envelopes was texting or tweeting and handed them the wrong envelope. And yes this design is awfullest.


You need redundancy to catch errors. If it is clear you got the wrong card, it won’t be catastrophic if you get one.



This is what happened on Sunday night in the universe I live in


That is better.

Why are we still talking about this?


Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Maybe the next time you have an option to choose your font and size, you’ll think twice about the choices you make and the consequences…


#THIS is why graphic designers ARE important!

(Sorry. I had to shout that.)


Hell yes!


Have 'em read straight off the teleprompters!



I like the Oscars® branding all big at the top. What if you forgot which award you were presenting?!


Right, it was the wrong card. But the presenters didn’t realize it was the Best Actress card and not the Best Picture card. If “Best Actress” and “Emma Stone” were more prominent visually, it would have been clearer to the presenters that “La La Land” was not the Best Picture winner.


I have heard that the Hugos tend to print the nominees on the outside of the envelopes and have the presenters read from that. In which case, it would be obvious even earlier that they had the wrong envelope.


I think it would be more fun if they made the text tiny and faint and filled with typos. Maybe even 1337!


They don’t need to be improved… They just need to get rid of whatever idiot took over the design this year:

The side by side comparison of the envelope the Oscars used from 2010 through 2016, the gold one on the left. The red on the right was used on Sunday.
They had the previous designer, Marc Friedland, on KTLA news a day or two later... (can't find a video) Some of the previous envelopes even had the category on the inside of the flap once you opened the envelope and the card was also very clear.

Edit: Here’s the news segment:


Probably not also helped by the presenters being in their 70s and too vain to wear the reading glasses they desperately need


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