The Type Deck: playing cards with beautiful fonts

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You can tell that the cards weren’t designed with playability in mind because the face cards have a block of color on them.If you were the kind of person that holds your cards up, you can at times see the card colors reflected on the back of an adjacent card (this is how me and my family cheats while playing Uno lol). Not a big deal but it is an interesting design choice. Overall though i rather like this card set, i think i wouldn’t mind trying it out if someone were to have one.


WTF…didn’t I read almost exactly the same ‘story’ last week about another very similar deck of cards. I thought the same thing then as now- this is an advert masquerading as a story. If you’re going to put it on the main page and make it twice the size of the other posts the least you could do is to mark as an advert.

“And when I grow up as a graphic designer I hope to create something that hits typographic nerves like this deck does.”

Is it just me or does this statement not make any sense ? Would anybody ‘grow up as a graphic designer’? It sounds like the kind of dreck written by a bored advertising intern.

I remember posting a defence of Cory and the rest of the boing boing team when they first added the banner adverts a few years back but when they allow posts that puport to be part of the normally interesting content but that are actually poorly concealed click bait then I’m out of here. Goodbye Boing Boing and good luck.


One of the greatest reasons I have continued to read BB over the years has been the idea that it’s a “directory of wonderful things”. That’s not just news stories. It’s also stuff. BB has never claimed to be simply a blog for political views or an alternative news source. They also introduce their readers to products or services that they believe can benefit those readers, AND might not be found in most mainstream media. I have found a lot of great kitchen items, toys for my kids, gadgets for my businesses, and books for my own brain on the pages of BB that I might not have otherwise been exposed to.

Is there a problem with this? Or can you show me in BoingBoing’s Mission Statement or TOS where this is prohibited? Do you think it would be better for BB to feature products like this, and say, “Here are some very creative, very aesthetically pleasing playing cards we think you might like to own, and we’re not going to tell you were you can buy them”?

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More Boing Boing playing card porn.

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I like the sashay of your font, if you know what I mean.

I love it when you set type dirty . . .

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You just increased my point size

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You and your over-sized kerning . . .

stroke my serifs, you character.

Sorry, I must go now. I just italicized all over my leading . . .

Dammit! You italics always make an em dash and leave us descenders hanging. I’m such a dingbat.

Glyphs, glyphs everywhere and not a drop to read.

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You really stroke me the right way. Your boldness has really justified this comment.

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Fair enough. I just preferred it when they marked the adverts clearly and they wrote all the posts rather than farming it out. I guess I’m just a boing boing Luddite.

Not sure this is an ad based on this Mike guys past articles. He seems to have a card fetish. I bet he has a secret deck of Nazi playing cards.

I kinda dig the crazy details he has been including. It is like the cooking and home improvement shows where I can’t stop watching them even though I can’t cook or fix anything around my house.

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Nice to look at, but harder to read than regular cards IMO since there are no pips.

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