What do you think of the New Dungeons & Dragons logo?


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That ampersand is so sweet, I say they should let it stand alone.

The ampersand is great. Everything else about it is utter crap.


The ampersand is great, the lettering is good. The problem is they don’t jive together at all. I mean even someone with out a design degree should see this. I think the ampersand should borrow from the OLD logo, make it less detailed and more stylized to match the font. Maybe make the ampersand larger, and bring the letters in closer and over lap a bit. Right now it just seems like two separate things.

The OLD logo I thought really worked well.

ETA - I just saw this logo below on the linked article. That’s what I’m talking about - increase the ampersand size and flatten, move the text together more and overlap some with the ampersand.


Here I fixed it:

Now WoTC can put it over any image and it will blend flawless.

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It is tempting to see this as a carefully-calculated maneuver designed to maximize nerd rage and ultimately allow for the introduction of a different logo that would otherwise have been even less likely to achieve acceptance. We’ll see.

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I’m not a D&D fan but i did sit through a lot of games that my brother and boyfriend were playing, so I do get the vibe.

I looked at the linked article and I prefer the flat version. Too much of the dragon detail gets lost in the chrome variation. I also think the chrome effect is just so a decade ago; isn’t web design moving toward flat these days and away from these cheesy Photoshop effects.

I like ampersand very much in the flat version - clever and cool and appropriate. I love ampersands anyway.

The lettering is okay - with so much work on the ampersand it all seems out of scale. I agree with @Mister44 that the arrangement of the old logo would work well with this - I’d even double the size of the ampersand because it’s just so great.

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I thought the official new one was all right — clean, simple, not looking like it belongs on a New Line Cinema movie poster — but this is certainly better. :smile:

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as an old player, and as a designer, i agree that the flat 2D logo is better. the chrome is so modern, but it just loses all the detail. i don’t mind the font choice, though.

The ampersand is lovely, the font for the rest of it sucks. It looks like a committee chose it with no passion whatsoever.

The ampersand is pretty awesome. The font for “Dungeons” and “Dragons” is too modern for the game. Go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate what it means to be a ‘fantasy’ RPG.

So, what does it mean to be a fantasy RPG, then, considering the term covers a lot of ground, from Conan to LOTR to Call of Cthulhu to Shadowrun to bleeding Star Wars and so on?

And define “too modern” in a world where similar fonts seem just fine for plenty of other fantasy titles. If they were using a segmented LCD font or something just as extremely silly, I would understand, but the typeface used for the wordmarks here? Seems fitting enough for the setting to me, while at the same time maintaining the appearance of a product that wouldn’t look out of place on today’s shelves.

That ampersand ain’t chrome, it’s mythril silver.

Why is it that usually shading looks cheap? Since when has it been like that?

I think it’ came out of a reaction to immature web designers who discovered the Photoshop filters were like magic, turning everything to chrome and fire and bubbles. So when Microsoft changed to the flat design, it seemed like a way for skillful designers to demonstrate restrained designs that were obviously different from amateur sites because without dimension you must rely on placement, color, and other design elements.

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