Raymond Scott docu: come for the music, stay for the tech

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is one of my all time favorite albums. Love Raymond Scott.

I have a friend who tended bar at a venue which frequently featured live music. He told me back then he couldn’t understand the point of dancing, and as an avid dancer who was raised by a pro, my feelings were rather hurt.

One day he brought a friend up to my room while I had that album blasting, and I was dancing my ass off. I didn’t hear them come upstairs, and had no idea they were there until my buddy laughed. I did a spin, grinned at them, and turned it down to conversational volume.

My friend said, “Okay, NOW I get the point of dancing!” which still gives me great pleasure today.

I love picturing jitterbugs gettin’ to it while listening to Mr Scott!


Too bad it’s not on the Kanopy streaming platform. I get Kanopy through my public library, and it has lots of documentaries.

But contrary to the post, it is streaming on Vimeo:


Raymond Scott has certainly attracted an interesting group of people to talk about him.


If you’re not interested in Raymond Scott, you’re not interested in 20th century culture.


Nor electronics and electronical music. Dude was a genius.


For sure, but that was kind of my point. He did his electronic music, the advert music with it to fund his experiments, made the soundtracks to all our childhoods (via Carl Stallings’s orchestrations of the Quintette songs). Bob Moog worked with him and his contract prevented him making sequencers I think, Scott had used phone relay equipment as sequencers for his synths.

Whenever I want to impress on people how influential he was I say “it’s a cartoon, and they’re chasing around a factory. You hear this.”

And stick on Powerhouse.

(Stalling version).

I don’t think I’ve heard this in decades but I remember liking this version:


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