Re/Search press releases its first-ever merch, only available for a few more hours

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I have Re/Search books printed in the 1990s, and they include a variety of branded merchandise, including the logo plain in red on a black t-shirt, so where is the idea that this is the first-ever merch?

All those books are from when Re/Seach was Vale AND Andrea Juno, and she’s listed as having done the book design on those volumes. Funny how branded merchandise doesn’t count when it was done by the woman who is no longer with the organization.

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Yup. I’ve still got my Modern Primitives body piercings T-shirt. (Sadly, I don’t have the book anymore.)

I see V. Vale, the founder, around San Francisco once in a while. We haunt some of the same art houses. Cool guy.

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Sorry - this is simply not the case. I bought a RE/Search t-shirt in San Francisco in 1991. The famous William S. Burroughs ‘we will destroy all dogmatic verbal systems’

And - wait a goddang picking momentino here - a simple google ‘re/search’ will find it:

Maybe you should do some er, RE/search, eh?

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From the cover it looks like a Monte Cazazza “prank”


Re/Search’s accompanying video:

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For this price and this design, no. I could make this at home - give me some art and I will buy it.

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