Re: "white people don't season"


I think these sorts of callouts will slow when the racial majority stops similar (and more malicious) behavior.


Cool! When’s that gonna happen?


'Strue, come to think of it - we almost always drop the ‘shire’ bit.


We do love cake…


Pray show me a place where strong flavours do not grow?


■■■■■ turkey has nothing to do with seasoning, it has to do with cooking method. Brining is cheating* (plus it ruins the pan juices for gravy). High heat, followed by lower heat, careful use of tin foil so the breast doesn’t cook more quickly, followed by sufficient rest. You can put all the butter under the skin you want, it has nothing to do with whether the breast is as ■■■■■ as the thigh.

(source: I’ve owned the turkey making in my fam for close to 30 years now, and take notes and improve each year.)

*Suck it briners! I put you in the category of hot dog ketchupers!


Exactly. So expect plenty more of these white people memes.


Northern and eastern European cuisines include things like goulash, fermented fish, any number of types of sausage of various levels of smokedness and pepperyness, and lots and lots of pickles. Quite a lot of non-bland things there.


Moisture/dryness could have a lot more to do with cook time, temperature and convection. Your sister may have read that it’s 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes a pound, or something like that. If the bird was unstuffed or already defrosted, 15 minutes a pound could be sufficient at 325 or above. Constantly checking the oven also lets moisture out. The best turkey I’ve made took over 5 hours at around 225F in an insulated bbq and I had to fight myself not to open and look at it.


Jinx california.


Is that like a PIN number?


Do “strong flavors” equal “spicy”? There is a history of mocking British food as bland, and I myself have engaged in it, but I have come to see that’s neither fair nor productive.

I know people that only use generic hot sauce as a flavoring, on almost everything. Which ironically seems kind of dull to me.

I know, and agree, but if someone wants to eat bland food, why should I mock them? I myself prefer Vietnamese and Thai food above almost everything else, but my mother was raised on kind of bland food (and her parents were from Eastern Europe-- stuffed cabbage, blini, pierogies, these are not super spicy, and most of the kielbasa I had growing up was just salty above all other flavors.) I myself like having something bland once in a while just as a change of pace, those British “digestive” cookies for example.


I thought the correct way of cooking turkey was:

  1. Fill an oil drum with cooking oil.
  2. Place drum over gas burner.
  3. Insert turkey.
  4. Wait for the fire brigade to put out the conflagration that used to be your house.
  5. Order pizza.


Those five ingredients do NOT a curry make, sir.


My curries suck, so I no longer attempt them.


I am from Italy and wouldn’t call Bertolly the good stuff either.
A lot of EVOO sold in Italy is from foreign olives too (from greece, israel, and so on).
With a a bit of searching you can find good EVOOs made from local Olives.
I like oils from Tuscany but that’s just me.


Wusta-sha sauce or mostly just wusta sauce


No no no, you’re all misquoting the meme.

It’s not that white people don’t USE seasoning, it’s that white people don’t TASTE GOOD WITH seasoning. Supposedly something about the absence of melanin means that their delicate natural flavoring is overwhelmed by most spices, whereas darker skinned people have a more robust taste, blah blah blah.

I mean, of course it’s ridiculous, to say nothing of racist. The skin has nothing to do with the taste of the flesh, any more than you can tell the difference between beef from a brown cow or a red one. A light marinade will bring out the delicious profile of humans of any color… I’ve said too much.


I have no be mindful not to do this because i do tend to enjoy the heat of a pepper in my food and miss it. However adding spiciness to everything can be seen as not too different from adding ketchup to a carefully prepared meal. You’re fucking with someone’s dish.

And i’m not super familiar with a lot of authentic European cuisines, but from my time in Sweden everything i had was awesome. I have heard plenty of jokes about English food, seems that lot of it is because its a lot of greasy meat centric dishes but i would not want to pass any judgement being so unfamiliar with their foods.


So why not Butterball? for science