Reaction gifs, a tool of the left?

Interesting automated copyright infringement detection fail:

tl;dr YouTube flags video with standard filter sweep as containing music ripped from Chemical Brothers song, actual person from Chemical Bros shows up and is like “yeah we agree this is idiotic”


Also, guess what everyone, Peter Kirn isn’t even Jewish:

This is why I think “the left” has issues. Seems like increasingly granular internet outrage has been more popular lately than actually caring about broad policy-related stuff that will impact all of us collectively. Not surprised neoliberals and corporations would figure out they can just say magic social justice buzzwords to win our dollars and our votes while continuing to operate exactly as they always have

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I never said I don’t think “the right“ has issues.

Not much to work with when your communication style is quoting and spicy reaction gifs



Their “issues” will get people killed. They have destroyed any and all positive gains clawed out of the horror show that was the twentieth century and that is what has created the current moment, where some states have had such an inept, lacking response, that the death toll is going to be much higher than might have been if right wingers had not spend the post-Cold War period dismantling pretty much all public protections around stuff like this and handed those resources over to the private sector and the elites.

They are far more dangerous than “the left” is right now. You’re inability to see that and to try and trot out a fig leaf of “both sides” is telling for the rest of us who are watching a real time disaster unfold before our eyes. And you’re doing it on a thread about free music software! WTF, dude.

But yeah, me posting a gif instead of writing a erudite dissertation on every shit post here is the real problem… :roll_eyes: On top of that, I don’t owe you shit in terms of conversation. No one here does.


Getting rid of Trump is crucial, but I have been convinced by arguments from the left (no quotes because I’m talking about the real left) that Trump is a symptom of an underlying issue that was created by neoliberal economic policies. I’m not saying “both sides,” but rather I think it would be good to get to the root of the problem at some point.

I don’t think you owe me anything.

What’s wrong with that?


Some of us are quite good at it…
Not me though.



Everyone knows that gifs are only used by the ignorant… no one of real quality would dare use a gif in an erudite conversation here on the BBS! /s





Got an issue with @Mindysan33, or the use of gifs to communicate?

Boy, oh boy;


I’m sure they are watching you, too… But we all know…



Takes one to know one, Prof…



Reaction gifs can be amusing, it’s just difficult to respond to them so that is why this site has so many threads that die like this.

Only reason I posted my original topic on this thread is because the old threads get locked and the two main posts are conceptually related, and I also think it is interesting and important for people to know the truth. I’ve become more interested in this sort of thing since reading some interviews with Noam Chomsky a while ago, and also based on life experiences with observing group behavior / “drama.”

I have an entire post of almost nothing BUT gifs and memes, and it’s one of the most active non-45/non-Covid~19 threads on the forum.


Haha, I have to admit this one actually made me laugh. I was not trying to sound ominous, but it is a lot funnier that way!

Edited: oh actually it was Mindys that made me laugh

If we don’t laugh and make snarky comments, we shall surely cry… and might not ever stop.

Let other people do them, and you keep on doing you, dude.

Awwww, man… I am so indescribably disappointed now.


Breakfast Club, hell yeah! Yes, things are quite weird and dire these days. I hope you all stay safe, my peeps.


I was on some Gloria Gaynor-I Will Survive mentality long before Ms Gaynor made her iconic song all too relevant again.

You do the same; stay safe & healthy.


Was trying to reply to Mindy but refactor broke it:

I agree with what you have said here, but I think the Democrats could do some things differently. I don’t criticize the Republicans much, because I take it for granted that they are going to try to kill us all for profit and are largely psychopaths. It seems like sitting around discussing how shitty a 3 day old turd is is ultimately a waste of time. I can’t for the life of me work out how anyone ever could have been dumb enough to think Trump is some kind of populist hero. I have voted for Republicans zero times in my life.

I realize that Democrats view themselves as being these great political compromisers, but it seems like at some point we should stop bowing to corporate interest. I’ve seen centrist dems claim there’s no point in taxing the wealthy more because they will just continue to find ways to avoid paying taxes. That’s great and all, but maybe we should actually address that. It seems awfully defeatist, and in my opinion we should be throwing them in prison or kicking them out of the country. I view establishment Democrats as people in positions of power who should be openly criticized and held under scrutiny at all times in the hopes that they will improve.

There are some other angles here for me based on personal experiences I’ve had that revolve around themes like country vs. urban culture, social class, people who hold “right beliefs” vs people who actually make good friends, etc. And then there are generational factors at play as well.

I went through a phase where I thought making fun of idealists younger than me who openly criticized establishment Democrats was both the right thing to do and a sign of maturity, but I’ve really come to appreciate the enthusiasm the younger folks bring to the table and being sort of trapped between two generations I found it a great relief to find leftists who can see some of the hypocrisy that often lies behind the Democrats or upper middle class / wealthy liberals (particularly boomers and generation x)

There’s a whole thread of responding with gifs to gifs. Maybe you just need to practice more before you join the big leagues.