Read John Hughes's original story that sparked the Vacation movies!

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I graduated from MAD to National Lampoon sometime around '72 or ‘73, so I probably still have that issue in a box somewhere. They were so freakin’ good back then, but started to peter out in the 80’s. Their best writers had moved on to writing for TV and the movies. But yeah, Vacation, Animal House, etc. all got their start in NL’s pages. And, of course, SNL was basically a TV version of the National Lampoon Radio Hour, with practically the same cast.


I remember reading the original story just before the first movie came out (I think they reprinted it to promote the movie). I thought, “If the movie’s half as good as this, it’s gonna be a classic.”

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I remember the original read. I think it was sequelized over several issues. National Lampoon was such a great magazine. I still channel ‘Zoo Tramp Marie’ from time to time.

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