Read the manual to Pong (1976)

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Funny, solitaire mode doesn’t mention mom calling you upstairs for dinner.


I had this, as a kid. It was cooooooooooool. Pity it didn’t make me cool.

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Ha! My 2nd Boing Boing and it’s for the same thing! I wonder if this qualifies for another “Been Boinged” Nerd Merit Badge?

I’m glad I could take y’all down memory lane.


As much as I remember about playing Pong on our tv what I really remember was how good Pong was at burning it’s image into a CRT television and the spanking I got because of it.


Replacement Parts

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In the early 1970s my parents used to go to a local squash court and my brother and I would hang around, waiting for them to finish. There was a pong game in the waiting room. I never played it, it cost 20 cents. A huge amount of money for me. But it had a demo mode which was fun to watch. It was my first exposure to computer games. So when I got my 6502 system some years later, I wrote a few pong-like games to play on it.


“DO NOT: Pour liquid in the speaker opening”

I thought that’s how they made liquid drum’n’bass.

“[I]t is beautiful, in its way”

Whenever I see that graphical motif of a few incrementally thickening horizontal bars stacked above each other, it still screams COOL! and APPROACHING 3D HORIZON! to me.

If there’s an afterlife, I want to approach it over a downward scrolling landscape of those.

We had Pong for our B&W TV. For that matter, we had an Atari 2600 (the Sears-branded “Tele-Games Video Arcade”) for our B&W TV and it was years before I ever got to see it in color.

When I got my Commodore 64, I had to use that same B&W TV for the first year or so.

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