Reading net creates a kids' level in a library




And prepare them for a career in stage lighting design!


They have a family library? And it then gets made BETTER?! Lucky little buggers. Man, I wish I had a family library (a shed would do. I’d love a shed).


Only a great idea until the smallest of the little blighters piss themselves.


Cue scaremongering about the children hurting themselves in 3… 2… 1…


Would be rather useful in an earthquake.


Just have a local library staffed by people who actually give a damn about kids reading… Who encourage them to read more. And read more eclectically. Good librarians are awesome. Bad librarians should be burned on a bonfire.


I tell you what, if that was MY library, I’d be keeping my goddamn kids out of there, so I could have some peace in my lovely, lovely library. Those nets would be utilised in a separate containment facility, let’s say.


I assume if you have a traditional family library in your home there are also other rooms your kids can use for play. 1% problems.


Reading net…psh that’s a missed opportunity for a reading trampoline.


This is a beautiful idea to add individuality to the library, but I honestly think they should have gone with a finer net. Those holes look to be about three inches square, which is small enough for a careless foot of to fall through if they’re small enough, which would suck near the edge. a net with twice as many ropes would’ve removed most of all the risk such a construct offers.


What could possibly go wrong?


The trick is that you rig it up so when you pull a switch it drops and conveniently packages the children for removal.


Well,safely concerns aside (and there are some), the last thing my kids would be doing in that net is reading. Bouncing, flipping, testing it for weakness, using it as a launchpad.

Within 3 hours every book on that top level would be in a jumbled pile on the net, which would be sagging to the floor. My boys would be jumping on top of the rapidly disintegrating books and daring each other to do flips.


There’s such a thing as a “traditional family library?” And it looks like that? Yeah, look, it’s really pretty and well-designed and whatnot, but this really comes off as almost Romney-level detached elitism. “Encourage your kids to learn about the world with their own private jet!”

I don’t know what the story is in the Bay Area, but we’re poor as shit out here, and getting poorer. Just having books would be nice.


This assumes that no child could possibly be interested in using the library to find a book and read. A completely false (and somewhat insulting) assumption, if I remember my own childhood.


Ever tried using a hammock without some sort of towel or pillow? Yeah, it can be painful.

On the 1% hatefest (which is fair enough): it doesn’t have to be a library, you could probably do this in their own bedroom. If your walls are good enough, of course.


“a traditional family library”

Is Boinboing a millionaire’s blog now?


How come only kids get a net? I want one too. But it would have to be at a higher, separate, level so I could look down on them.

OK, now that’s beginning to sound a bit creepy. Never mind.


Careful what you wish for!