A climbable personal library in an old elevator shaft


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cool - people are full of ideas!


Kind of hoped it was taller, in spite of the obvious danger. Nifty nonetheless.


I am going to say, uh, no thanks. Looks hella hazardous when it doesn’t need to be. 1) don’t need a book shelf that high. Most people don’t have ceilings that high. 2) if you do, rather have a good, sturdy ladder. Something less likely to slip off of in socks. Something kids are less likely to fall off of. And if your older it is a good way to break a hip.


Aw cmon, what’s the worst that could happen?




Paralysis resembling death and they cremate you while you’re still alive?

You fall and you can’t get up and your cats eat you alive?

You’re a vampire so you don’t really worry about falls, but one of the shelves snaps off and manages to stake you when you fall on it?

Someone puts all my Boba Fetts on the top shelf but I am too scared of heights and flimsy climbing things to go get them?


It doesn’t have nearly enough books.


Pass this idea along to the people who bought old Titan missile silos.


I like Erik Spiekermann’s home library somewhat better- two stories tall, with a hanging seat and winch to reach the upper levels. Lovely.


I think you need one of these;


Jesus H Christ.

That must be some super dirty porn on the top shelf…

That won’t do anything to save my legs. Just maybe my internal organs.

But really, if you need a three point harness and helmet to safely access your books, maybe you need to re-evaluate some things.


Hmm. Maybe you need one of these instead;


“It was only after removing the suit and finally sitting down that I realized I grabbed volume 32 and I meant to grab 23. And that, officer, is when the fire started…”


It’s not that high, I was anticipating an entire lift shaft.
Then I thought some more, and imagined a whole lift shaft filled with bookshelves, and then nets strung every floor or so. That way you’d never have far to fall, and if you got halfway up and found a particularly interesting book, you could just lie in the net to read it, like a giant hammock.


If only someone would invent a rectangular open-framed box to fit within the walls and movable via cables to access any shelf…


Wasn’t that one of the landscape oriented elevators in Doom?


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