Slanted bookshelf that's climbable and earthquake resistant

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Just hope you’re not climbing the bookshelf when an earthquake hits.


Hmm accidental death from falls is one of the leading causes of accidental death. 2014 numbers peg it just shy of 32,000. Compare that to other accidental deaths: drowning, 3,400; Fire, 2,700; Firearms, 460; Machinery, 600; Cars, 33,700; Cuts/Pierce, 2,600; and Poisons, 42,000 - one wonders why one would add that risk for some books they will probably never read.



Firearms, 460

Those can’t possibly be the numbers for Japan though.


Not sure about the whole “family members of all ages” thing. I wouldn’t let the 6yo climb it, or the 76yo for that matter. That said, I’m in the middle! And I love it!


Knowledge and exercise together again.


The inside of the home is really quite nice and i love the concept, but kind of bummed that the outside is pretty uninspired and generic looking.

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It’s called “minimalist”.

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Any idea where they sleep? maybe they make up a bed in the TV area? move the heavy table, slide the couches around? or mb the couch is a foldout? (comfy!) Maybe there is a subterranean bedroom that is accessed via what looks like a space btwn the stairs and the kitchen? MB the toilet etc is down there too?

Shelves are nice, but I would have continued them all the way thru the TV area, maybe open up the top row for larger items? 3x ht. You shouldn’t be climbing all the way up there anyway gramps. Kind of like at the bottom there are some larger spaces. Varying it would have been more interesting to me. ymmv. Also safer to have a handholds rather than just pinch grip on those shelves (throw a 3x3 cm piece of something sturdy across the verticals (there is plenty of gap from the protruding horizontal shelves). In fact, I think they made some of the lower shelves at around 1 to 1.5 meters up wider for standing on. Perhaps you aren’t supposed to climb all the way up?

Nice bookcase pr0n! Cool that they made em from sturdy wood rather than Ikea Fnurgle™ units.

Then again we knew some folks in SF who cut a hole between their floors and installed a firepole.

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I see homes like these a lot here in Austin and they’re pretty damn ugly, and most of the time they’re built really cheaply despite the high cost


That photo makes me think I would fall over walking into that room. :slight_smile:


“Climbable and earthquake resistant.”

Though not at the same time. But, really, what is?

Not judging by the very small number of books on their wall.

Plus from the outside it looks like a Jawa sandcrawler!

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It is pretty, but I think going to get four or five large books, then later returning them to upper shelves, could be a complicated ordeal. Also, the step areas of the shelves seem to retain sharp corners. Not fun if you don’t wear shoes in the house. And there is nothing to grip securely with your hands.
This seems to be a decorative, rather than practical, design element.

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You wouldn’t “let” the 6yo climb it? Have you ever had a 6 year old? You wouldn’t be able to stop them from climbing it!


So… awesome?

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