Reading the "victory letter" a white nationalist sent to his followers after getting $2.5m from UNC, it's obvious why he tried to censor it

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Fuck every one of these traitors who glorify other traitors. There is nothing “honourable” about treason, you fucks.


This letter is fucking bonkers and is going to lead to a cottage industry of records requests and investigation. There’s about six hundred things one could unpack from this but these two jump out:

First, it will take someone much smarter than me to explain how the board did not breach its fiduciary duty here in fast-tracking a windfall “settlement” with a 0% chance of success according to the people who want to bring the suit? Standing is not some legal technicality here–it means that the people who wanted to bring the suit weren’t actually harmed in any legally recognizable way by anything UNC did. As the letter points out, this isn’t even a close question–any half-decent attorney would understand this and act accordingly. Presumably, UNC has one or two half-decent attorneys working on its behalf? And yet, the board reached out to them to negotiate and cut them a check anyway.

Second, the letter says that this group of knuckleheads consulted over the course of months with judges and retired judges on the best way to bring a lawsuit here. That means that they are claiming to have consulted with sitting judges on how to craft a lawsuit (against a public institution, no less), which is just a teensy bit problematic.


So a grand wizard is also a probation officer? No institutional racism to see here.


BRB, gonna crowdfund a surrounding memorial of saucers of birdseed using the same “loopholes”, so any future Silent Sam is perpetually covered in bird shit.


The breadth and depth of corruption evident in North Carolina since Trump was elected is mind boggling. Is there a Ms. Racist Universe contest I hadn’t heard about? Cuz NC is a damn shoe-in


The victory letter is useful because it shows how much of clown this guy is. It weakens any argument the board might make that their fast check-writing was balanced against a long expensive legal fight and the chance of losing this non-suit.

If the board is handing out money that it doesn’t have to, two main possibilities:

  1. They’re all card-carrying members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, or get a kick-back.
  2. They want to decrease the amount of non-governmental funds the university has available.

Are we 100% sure this letter is legit? It seems to too carefully sum up the case against the university, in every small detail.

And it’s FAR too well-written. At least, too well-written to live down to my opinion of white nationalists’ intelligence and writing ability.


As some pointed out in the Twitter thread, by sending a takedown notice over this, the SOCV effectively authenticated it, claiming that they authored it.


I think there is a third option - they want to just have them go away. It gets them off their back, gets rid of the statue, and no more protests mucking up their alumni pledge drives one way or another. Legal costs is only one factor, there is the harassment and controversy that is also a problem for them.

They thought they could do it on the sly and not get called out for it. Oops. And now they have even worse controversy. Double oops.

Under estimating one’s enemy is a mistake. The Confederate leaders were largely well educated, and well spoken men. Not always the case today, but they aren’t all uneducated hillbillies.


Kevin Stone is claiming to be the copyright holder of the letter and therefore author by filing a DMCA takedown request on it.


I hate screenshots of text so much.


I couldn’t stop reading it in a Ken Burns Civil War voiceover. I was in a touring play in highschool that consisted of reading letters from Civil War Soldiers, and this brought me right back. They probably learned some speechifyin’ from that kind of shit.


May I suggest Foghorn Leghorn as an improvement?


But $2.5 million? They couldn’t have just said, “You want the damn thing so much, come and get it”?


Yeah I don’t know where they got the number. Maybe a cost analysis. I’m just saying there are more than 2 reasons.

I guess the problem with things like this is discerning malice or ineptitude.

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It looks like Kevin Stone is still employed as a probation officer even though his white supremacist leanings have been public information for some time. I shudder to think that a nutcase like this has a great deal of influence on decisions regarding whether people are allowed to walk free or be placed in a cage.


Narrator: This marked the first battle of Civil War II. /s