Real dog jealous of toy dog


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good boy.


One of my dogs is a golden, and I love her to death, but she is the most needy/jealous dog I have ever come across…


Am I the only one worried about how that dog would react to a child?


My cats never react that way. In fact, they never react at all.


Yeah, you are. Better put him down eh?


After thoroughly enjoying the clip I wondered the same thing. My bias in favor of dogs in general made me see his behavior as playful rough-housing with a toy in the same way a dog will “fight” you over a tug-of-war chew toy. But this dog didn’t demonstrate any of the obvious body language that usually lets you know it’s playing (I.e. mouth open, tongue out, tail wagging).

But it’s a short clip that’s missing context so maybe I’m worrying about nothing. Goldens are generally gentle dogs, are they not?

Edit: After looking at it again I see the dog’s tail is never in frame so it very well could have been wagging away.


Sounds like a good match.


You should have seen the stricken look on our older cat’s face as he came to jump in my lap and saw the foster kitten there. Stared, and walked away slowly. Surprising, since when my head is on my wife’s lap he has no compunction about forcing his way in to share.


I definitely think the dog sees it as a game and is playing. Something about its facial expression suggests that it is having fun to me, not sure what, something about the eyes maybe. To me the dog looks delighted.


“Yay, you brought me a rival to kill!!!”


Hoomans don’t count, tin opener!


It was probably mean of us to genetically engineer wolves that are more or less addicted to our attention and affection.

Results are adorable, however.


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