Real Stuff: The Hot Squat

lighten up, Francis(es).


God, these things are nothing but vile.


I’m being told to “criticize ideas, not people” in the pop-up here–fair enough.

While I support and advocate the use of all sorts of things wonderful and wild on the Internet, I’m disappointed to see the generally delightful BoingBoing serving up content such as this: sexist, abusive, misogynistic tripe, in words and pictures. Jesus Christ, did Xeni and LadyAda sign off on this crap? I used to send some of my students to your website for your wonderful Maker ideas–no longer.

The gulf between “B is for Battery” and “big, steamy, luscious cunt” is staggering. You guys need to get your shit together.

Thank for the memories.


I like this comic and i like that BB has the testicular fortitude to publish such a comic. Challenging their userbase’s ideas of what is and isn’t acceptable in their safe space blog community is beautiful. I think this shit is hilarious and i can hold the idea of respecting people and also the raunchy (possibly fictional) life of a man in the same space. I see no reason why no one else in this place can. That or we can fill this place up with more pictures of banana accessories and funny cat videos of the day.


Now he’s just taking the piss.

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You forgot “gay-basher.”


Miley Cyrus posts and this poor excuse for a cartoon? Are the BoingBoing interviews with Dr Phil and Emo Philips coming next?

Haha… keep them coming!!

IIRC, Rob Beschizza said he was ashamed to be part of BoingBoing, or something along those lines, after the one where Denny fucks a lesbian straight and they go to a gay bar together to beat up some queers.

I’m actually pretty curious about who did and does sign off on this, and what their rationale is. I bet there’s an interesting story there.

Mod Note: That was Antinous, not me. – Rob

It was Antinous who expressed that opinion. Antinous wrote: “Yeah. This is despicable, and I’m ashamed to be associated with Boing Boing right now.”


Although this one is definitely rock bottom for the series both in terms of writing and drawing, I appreciate it for the outrage in the comments section.


This comic is kind of dumb but I don’t see that it’s really misogynistic, it’s not like he was offering to take sexual favors in exchange for something the women really needed, like a job (and he didn’t bring up the idea to them). I wonder if a comic like this would get a different reaction if it was part of a series by a recognized comics artiste like R. Crumb, say.


Nothing in that comic suggested she was a lesbian rather than a bisexual, and they didn’t go to the bar “to beat up some queers”, they went to dance and a gay man started a fight with him. Maybe it was ignorant of him to go intrude their space at that point in history (today I think few would say there’s anything wrong with the odd heteresexual couple dancing at a gay bar), but I don’t see that comic expressing any hatred of gay people.


This shit is pretty juvenile. Since I am over 14 I find it pretty boring and uninteresting, it says more about the mental stagnation and sexual development (or lack thereof) of the author than anything about society.

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It looks like he is the only one who has to sign off on it, since he has his own account as an editor/poster. He is just running with his admin rights, essentially. Too bad he was given that account, as he clearly doesn’t deserve it.


Your use of the phrase “testicular fortitude” (what, women have no fortitude, just because they’re women?) makes it easy for me to see why you can’t see what’s wrong with this cartoon.


I miss Antonius. Does he still work here?


I was okay with the MC post–it was really about how CNN covers MC too much, and too highly placed on their site, in favor of real news.

Was wondering the same thing.

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