Realistic Pokemon by Artist Joshua Dunlop


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I wish the Charmander picture was a little brighter; even on the artist’s website, it’s still too dark to make out details that must be there.


Wait, I thought Bulbasaurs had feathers?


It would be horrible if Pokemon were real. Can you imagine?

“Authorities remind everyone to stay indoors, as wild fires spread during Charmander mating season…”


And pidgeys the size of geese, and pidgeots the size of pterasaurs like quetzalqoatl.

Rattatas are the size of a medium dog, and raticates are the size of an Ewok.


Those are great! Click the full screen arrows, and they’re even better.


Hey! I beat BoingBoing this time for once! Made front page of reddit posting this! :slight_smile:


I want to see a real-life Jigglypuff.


You sure about that?


I’d like to see a real-life Psyduck…

…or maybe not.


No green onion?

shakes head in shame


Oh wait. It looks like it may be tucked in her bikini bottom.

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