Reasonably Sized Homes magazine should exist

We started out in a 1,000 square foot townhome, with (eventually) 2 kids & 1 bathroom. It was actually totally fine before COVID - we were going to expand it a bit so the kids could each have their own bedroom, but we wound up just buying a much larger house a block away. I still feel kind of guilty, but both houses are >100 years old, so it’s not like we’re wasting anything but money…

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In a similar boat. 1200 sq ft, now adding one more small room so both kids can have their own. No garage.


Around here, garage forward houses like this are called “snout houses.”

Thanks for the great laugh, Rob. I’ve been reading home magazines for 50 years!

We’re finally getting to do Our Big Project: a gut remodel of a 1922 Craftsman bungalow. We will customize the heck out of it.

(Resale value – who cares? Even if we had kids, I’d feel no obligation to maximize their inheritance. Perhaps hypocrisy, since it helps that my parents left a fair amount.)


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