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Great, now everyone knows about us.


Aye, want to tickle the bottom of the shark-jumping gamekeeper?











I fuckin suck at these too…

Stop eeyyyye re bus

This’ll be console/nintendo/64/logo uk/flag/brit take/minus grass/field shortly.

You pirate/cookie/plunder core shock


Took me a loooong time: thistle bee n oi england short Lee.

And I required authorial assistance.



Actually using the english flag ‘would have made it too easy’…


That’s 50% right… Need a little help?


You are correct

(so, perhaps I dont?)


Ewe arr core ect


beat me by seconds


<img src="//" width=“200” height=>

<img src="//" width=“300” height=>



Makes perfect sense:

tidal waves divorce a starfleet without tree ms, hoff-hut water-drugs mark the breakup of depeche mode.


I think that should be port nacelle minus (tree minus m) which would be port nacelle minus tree plus m

And doesn’t that make so much more sense?!!!


OK; THATCH - CH = I give up


Water (what are)

Split? Divorce? Break? She (the?)

Nacelles - (elm - m) = Nass

Thatch - CH = That

Mark Wahlberg picture from The Happening - half of The The (The)

What are the chances of that happening?