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While I agree with the idiocy of remaining non-metric, I heartily disagree on this point of converting temperatures.

I find it quite easy to just memorize a few pairs: 50F is 10C; 59F is 15C; 68F is 20C; 77F is 25C. The pattern of nine degrees F for every five degrees C is obvious and easy to apply, making extensions simple. Yeah, I can’t comprehend oven temperatures in Celsius, but I cope with our everyday ambient temps.


As an American transplant to the EU, I am here to tell you, Celsius is far superior to Fahrenheit.

Forget about conversions, because F sucks. Really what is the difference between 82F and 83F? 66F and 68F? Nothing that anyone can tell. It is the same for any 2 or 3 degree pairs in F.

Celsius on the other hand, the degrees are a larger temperature range so the difference between 14 and 15 is significant enough to mean something. I have no idea what 14C is in F and I do not care one bit. I know what 14C actually means to me temperature-wise.

If you need finer grain, just use the decimal place, 15.x

But you will never look back if you get used to C degrees. Every degree means something.

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