Recomendo videos of things the Cool Tools editor like

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Spoon-gouging guy needs to work that razor sharp tool in a direction away from his other hand. I couldn’t watch…


I came here to say the exact same thing. That is a hand injury waiting to happen.


Watch Mark’s section at 0.75 speed and you’d swear it’s What Is David Lynch Working On Today?

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I also had hand injury concerns about the spoon gouge or “spouge”, but my real question was what’s the story with sharpening it? I have enough trouble just sharpening regular chisels.

Would Cool Tools editor consider moonlighting as proofreader on BB?

Wow, I didn’t know about can dispensers, that is just what I need.

There‘s many different sizes, even flat ones you can use in your fridge. $15 for one appears to be rather on the upper end of the price scale.

Rounded sharpening surfaces.

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