Record-breaking book domino chain at Seattle Public Library

The awesome library ninjas at the Seattle Public Library kicked off its Summer Reading Program by smashing the world record for a book domino chain. The chain was laid out in the library’s beautiful main branch, and was made up of 2,131 library discards and donations. I’m at the American Library Association in Chicago this… READ THE REST

Truly an amazing library. Surely I’m not the only one that would love to have a non-music version, so I could listen to the lovely sound of books shuffling together.

This is awesome!

Now who’s ready for cleanup?

Watching this was deeply satisfying. I’m totally okay with tax dollars being used for this.

I was surprised that the record is only 2,131 books, then I watched the video and can see why. That’s a long chain.

I am delighted and a bit honored to say that I work at the desk where this chain starts and ends, right smack dab in a wonderful room to work because a.) it is a public library, with all that represents b.) it is a beautiful cathedral like space and c.) my job is to suggest books to people all day. Sitting in your predictably TERRIFIC presentation right now at ALA, CD - pleased to accept your High Five, and will share it around back at the Libe. (The successful fall happened long after I’d left the building, but we all relished the awesome.)

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I volunteered to help with this, start to finish. We attempted four times. The third time, the chain almost made it to the end, but it stopped on the stairs up to the check-out counter! Setting the books back up after that was a real morale killer, but we had all gathered and worked hard to make this happen, and we weren’t about to give up. I’m really glad we tried one more time.

The final fall was complete at 10 pm, and the books were all boxed up by 11 pm.

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Take that, e-books!

Ha, the e-book version would be one thumb drive falling over.

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