Record player in a tree trunk slice


I was kind of hoping for something more like what Spike Milligan had in The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film:

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This is NOT new. Joel Scilley AFAIK invented the Rega trunk-slice thing- years ago. He has since branched out (sorry) into many variants and does excellent work:


thank you. came here to post the same thing. that’s exactly what i thought of too. LOVE THAT ALBUM.

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I just tried to upload exactly that, but the link via my phone went fscked. O well.

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Yes, I’ve been making this exact design since 2009:

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It gives me wood.

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Surely somewhere in this post there’s an affiliate link to “Portlandia”?

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Nice to know that my entry-level RP1 (the cheapest Rega model) now counts as “high-end”…

Outright theft. Joel Scilley at has been doing this, and doing this perfectly, for years. Please do not promote companies that steal others’ original designs.

Please do no resort to scolding hyperbole


a bit late to the party, but here’s another variation:


Hey guys. Kent Walter here. This is my project, and I’m pretty stoked to see it on Boing Boing. Totally get the concern, and I think I owe it to everyone to be super transparent. The first of these I made was for a friend as a wedding gift, and I was thinking of Kickstarter at that point since I’d never be able to make very many of these very efficiently with my current shop setup. Joel’s work with Audiowood was pointed out to me when I was getting parts together and describing that first project to people on message boards. That first one went well and people I know wanted more, so I made some. I’ve got a TON of respect for all the awesome craftsmanship of Audiowood. It’s great, great stuff. I deliberated for a while before continuing because I do want to respect people’s work, and I agree that theft is not OK.
What Joel and I are both doing, ultimately, is dealing in custom plinths for factory parts. (And I suppose Jethro Tull predated us both…) He does a greater variety, and other products as well, and that’s terrific. I think the space is big enough that he and I can both do this thing we enjoy without stepping on each other.
Joel and I are discussing this, though (I should point out that he’s been respectful and super awesome!), so out of respect for him and that conversation, I’m not planning to come back here and continue posting while we’re still working things out.


Natural reaction when someone tells you a Shure M97xE is a “step up.” ; -)

(But seriously, is the bomb; no need to look elsewhere.)


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