Recycled box more eco-friendly in France

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Actually, it’s because the box is made in Canada, and the first value is in American dollars, and the 2nd is in Canadian. You have to have more Canadian to equal the same amount in American.


60% of the time, it works every time.


Metric system, duhhh!


I love how crappy design put work into re-skinning their subreddit to uglify it, as if to suggest that the rest of reddit doesn’t give the average person a migraine to look at


You know notheeng of Fronse. Ower num-bairs seemplee have mower, how you say?, culchair zan yourz.

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I read that in the Paris Business Review

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Crappy Design didn’t say it was from France or used in France, only that it was more eco-friendly in French. Only having English and French like that makes me think it’s actually Canadian, in which case the chance it’s a typo (either in the English or the French) goes way up.


Mes amis, the statements are equivalent. En Francais ze additional 10% is silent of course.

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The English text says it’s made from 75% recycled materials, and the French says it contains 85%, so both could be right if, like, some of the non-recycled material is removed during the manufacturing process.

It could mean that French regulations as to what constitutes recycled material are different from UK ones. For example, old reclaimed wood or farming by-products recycled into new paper could be considered recycled material or new material, depending on regulations.

You know… that’s not that far from the truth. More like five percent, it turns out:

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