Red Delicious, that most vile breed of Apple, no longer America's favorite


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Now, if you want taste…


Granny smith is for amateurs and poseurs

Pinks are where it’s at, though please don’t tell “Bob” i said that. (I bet they’ll roast well on X-Day.)


I had a good red delicious once at a hotel in Yakima Washington 30 years ago.

But, come on, Gala? From like 1930?

Honeycrisp, jazz, crips pink, etc.


I’m eating an apple right now.


Honeycrisp for me, but they’re usually pricey.


My wife thinks that Honey Crisps are the apple, but for me, the flavor, not that interesting.
I had a couple of what I think were called Washington Pinks (maybe) last year… they were very good.


I’ll stick with Cortland and Macoun. Now get off of my lawn.


You know, “the dominant apple in American orchards” is not the same thing as “America’s favorite”.

Honeycrisp for me or nothing.


Back in the ole century, I owned an Gravenstein apple orchard in Sonoma County, 8 acres to be exact. Never worked so hard, and loved every minute, lost tons of money, but those f’ing apples were fabulous.


Certainly part of this situation is due to the curious import/export trade; i sit (and rot) in what arguably ought to be the best fresh apple supply in the world: Washington state [salutes]. And yet, without schlepping to a happy Farmers’ market, my supermarket stocks apples which were all but frozen for over a year. (“Well that’s a crappy supermarket!” yes… but oh so common) The fresh apples, grown right over there [gesticulates roughly to the east] all get stored and shipped elsewhere due to …more money to be made. So apple breeds aside (and yes, red/golden delicious …aren’t) - part of the story is how long from the tree.


Fuji apples, baby! I loves me a good Macintosh, but they don’t ship well.


Braeburn. Omfg, soooo good taken with a chunk of cheddar


I still can’t believe they are that popular. There are literally a half dozen better varieties at the grocery store at any given point.


Honey Crisp or Pink Lady for us dreamboats.

Red Delicious can go jump.


The Envy apple is my new favorite hand apple. Though it seems it may be a tad designer and closed-source.


Kingston Black all the way. Not good for eating, but makes an awesome cider. And I mean hard cider, of course.


I grew up on an orchard and that was my favourite snack when out helping Mum and Dad.
And now that I finally I have the space for a backyard orchard I get to grow my own.
Not enough space for the cow and cheese making though…


They were delicious 65 years ago.


Gravensteins are awesome and I hoard them during their brief season here in the Bay Area. Arkansas Blacks are amazing, too. I saw a display of them in our local market last fall and went nuts and embarrassed my kids by saying “OMG ARKANSAS BLACKS OMG!” but we all got tasty apples so it was a win.