Red Dwarf, legendary UK sci-fi sitcom, becomes auto-rescue ad

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The best thing you can say about this is that at least they maintained the standard of humour throughout the last half-dozen series’.


That last 2 new seasons have been decent and looking forward to the new one in October.


I’ve never seen Red Dwarf. It looks like my kind of thing, but not sure where to acquire it.

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Or was it an auto-rescue ad all along? Did you think of that?


Red Dwarf: Back to Earth aka Season 9 was a particular low point, with an excruciating, half-thought through parody of Blade Runner. The later seasons are better, but they’re still pretty stale compared to earlier seasons.

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you’ve never seen…red dwarf? what? you…never…


Somebody has to post the video of the guy who made his own starbug stuck by the angel in the north with a flat tire.

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They won’t tell you that it’s a British sitcom. Think “Benny Hill” (if you haven’t don’t).

Red Dwarf is available via Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu for USD$1.99 per 'sode. I recommend buying legal pot instead.

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I religiously read the Omnibus of “Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers” and “Better Than Life” before I ever saw the series. The Omnibus also included the pilot script for the show. In the script they described Lister as more of a Reverend Jim character so the first time I watched the show it didn’t really work for me.

I guess I should get over it and try again.

  • Grant and Naylor originally imagined Lister as 41 years old and white: in their words, like an “English version of Christopher Lloyd as Reverend Jim on Taxi .” When they sent the script to Craig Charles (23 years old at the time and mixed-race), asking if he thought the part of the Cat was racist, he said it wasn’t and also asked to audition for Lister. He got the part.
  • Similiarly, Rimmer was originally envisaged as being 61 years old and being played like an “English Dan Aykroyd”.
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and you blame me for most bad in the universe anyways.

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If you are - as it appears - equating Red Dwarf with Benny Hill, then I respectfully refer you to @JasonBass’s post above


I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about the Dwarfadder Singularity:

The eventual Blackadder Season Six, set on a military starship that encounters a certain lost red mining ship and ties it all up in in one geriatric bow, pleasing all fans and critics with a final cunningly well-timed fart joke…

(I’m assuming at that point the actors will be played by cinematic holograms, the cerebrial prescience of Red Dwarf’s conceit being realised in our actual time, a fitting example of Life Imitates Red Dwarf, as all become unto Rimmer, as foretold.)


It’s on Netflix, but that might be a UK only thing.

There are three different periods to the original run. Series 1 and 2 have a very different feel to series 3-5, and series 6-8 are also different to earlier episodes, but not as much as the series 2-3 change.

I hope that explained enough without being spoilery.


I guess that answers the question of who ages better, robots or holograms.

You don’t have to pay per episode (in the U.S.). Just subscribe to Britbox, either directly from the app on your device of choice or through Amazon. They’ve got the whole run.

It also proves beyond any reasonable doubt who really shot JFK.

No, no spoilers. Go forth and watch it.


After seeing the ad several times a night for the last couple of weeks, it’s lost all its charm to me.

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I love the new episodes! They are hilarious and really make me laugh. The new series’ have stayed true to the characters, and the actors have all still got that great comedic timing. I know the old episodes so well I can recite them word for word. I’m working on getting there with the new ones!