Red Dwarf XI has arrived


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Twentica was somewhat disappointing but episode 2: samsara and episode 3: give and take are far better; much closer to classic dwarf. So glad they’re sticking with the models and it does look superb with a bit of budget behind it.


A return of Black Books would be awesome.


Really loved the first 2 episodes. The show had kept it’s charm and sensibilities.


Only seen the first one so far and it was…well, a bit rubbish really, fingers crossed the rest of the series improves. Maybe less emphasis on silly accents…


Maybe I’ll check it out. I haven’t watched any Red Dwarf since “Back to Earth” which I thought was cringeworthy stuff.


You should watch X – Back to Earth was rubbish, but X had some of the best episodes ever.




Agree that episode 1 was terrible, but stick with it. Episodes 2 and 3 are a brilliant return to form.


Was it just me, or was that trailer not funny? I mean I could see how it was trying to be funny, but it didn’t even garner a smirk from me.


I’m getting out the mango juice. Thanks for the heads up on this!


I’m a long-time fan and really want this to be good but from what I’ve seen so far it’s average at best. I watched episode 2 last night and whilst the storyline was good (and “classic Dwarf”) the dialogue and acting are pretty poor. There’s a weak Cat joke in the middle which should have been a throwaway line but was laboured for no reason other than to fill time, as far as I could see.

From reading the books I’ve always felt that Doug Naylor is the sci-fi one and Rob Grant the funny one, so the show went downhill after Grant left. What surprises me is that Naylor hasn’t got any other writers in, as I really think that would help. Oh well… :neutral_face:



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