Red Dwarf's fantastic cat


Remember to stop after Red Dwarf VI!

Queeg’s still the best episode.




i’m on season 3. never did watch it in any linear fashion before, it was just on the PBS in NH in the early 90s, and it was just the right kind of weird, then. stands up nicely.

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And for Late Late Show fans…


Last night, before seeing Guardians of the Galaxy with my boyfriend, we were discussing Rocket the Raccoon, and I wondered if Rocket were an evolved being, like the Cat. The boyfriend looked blank, and so it was that I learned that soon I shall get to introduce him to the joys of Red Dwarf.


Some time back, in the years when I didn’t have a hosepipe of information permanently attached to my face, I was channel hopping while bored and came across the most extraordinary one-man comedy act: a grown man playing with his food.

Not knowing the premise (that he was an evolved Cat on a spaceship) didn’t detract at all from the performance. I knew I had to watch any show with someone who could hold my attention with just a hunk of chicken and three potatoes.


Hmm, looks like minstrelsy to me…

Actually Red Dwarf was pretty racially diverse for a mainstream series.

Wiki suggests that the (mixed race) Craig Charles was initially consulted as to whether the Cat was racist before he was cast as Lister.

Season X was awesome.

I enjoyed X, definitely a return to form after the appalling VIII, which broke everything. Also allowed me to introduce my better half to the series :slight_smile:

But II-V were the glory years. Personally, I like II best.


I started rewatching Red Dwarf,

weird coincidence i just did to.

Aaahhhh Red Dwarf :slight_smile:

For people who’ve never seen the show Community, but are Red Dwarf and Dr. Who fans, I recommend this episode: Season 4 Episode 3, Conventions of Space and Time. If you’re aware of American tries at the shows (like that Dwarf pilot-gone-wrong) you’ll find the jokes eerily familiar. It’s on Hulu.

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rocket was a creation but there is some stuff on his wiki that i won’t mention to spoil.


Season X was great. Not the best of them, but definitely worth watching, and totally redeemed the series after the decline of series 7-9.

Ah yes, I heard about the US pilot version, in which they completely missed the central gag of the series: that the last remnants of the human race are a quartet of utterly dysfunctional losers who are still fundamentally good people.


Yep - it’s a travesty. Also, X was a redemption for that slide they had.

It was fun seeing him (Danny John-Jules, not the cat character) on Death in Paradise, too.

Cat leaves me tongue tied <3


My cats thought that their snack treats were called “FISH!”

I didn’t get Cat until I saw this scene.

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