Red Hot Chili Peppers play a smoking cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" (video)

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Considering my normal reaction to RHCP – that was not awful.


Flea’s right hand fingers must be muscle bound to keep up that riff non-stop.


I try and fail to understand the RHCP hate. I just don’t see anything wrong with them and it makes me feel like a philistine. What is it exactly? Help me hate them.


I’m sure that they must have done something awful that I am unaware of.

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A friend of mine has an un-natural hatred for Billy Joel, and he explained it as “I can’t escape him, I’m buying groceries or pumping gas and I hear f$%king Bigshot or Allentown or We Didn’t Start the Fire, every time. I’m sick of him”

I liked RHCP in my youth, but by the time they had top 40 hits I found I was just tired of them, and for a while “Under the Bridge” and “Californication” seemed to follow me everywhere, like my friend and Billy Joel.


They are great. No reason to hate.


Unfunk – Taking the funk out of funk


I enjoy this upbeat version of the track.


I just think it would be nice if, now and again, they could mention other places.


Sorry, but it’s lukewarm compared to the original, or even better, Patrick Cowley’s 1978 remix:


The Patrick Crowley mix is absolute perfection. First heard it on the Back To Mine compilation that New Order curated.

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I suspect people are upset that with mainstream success they’ve moved away from the funk/punk style that characterized their earlier material. See also just about every band that’s been popular for more than a decade.


In his autobiography “Scar Tissue,” Anthony Kiedis openly admits to statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl, whom he met when the band were on tour in New Orleans.


Y’know, I don’t get it either.

Though their music wasn’t intended for my demographic, at the HBCU where I went for undergrad, the hip ‘alternative’ Black kids listened to stuff like Under The Bridge and Untouchable Face.




I Feel Love (the original) is just an amazing song. Some 45 years later, it still sounds as fresh and contemporary today as it must have sounded back in 1977.

Fun fact: the bass drum was played “live” because the Moog couldn’t create a satisfactory sound. They needed to find a drummer who could keep perfect time for some 10 minutes straight playing only that one drum note.

Right? RHCP is … fine I guess? Not really my thing, and they were super overexposed in the mid/late 90s. This may have left a bad taste for many purely as backlash.


Excellent point; oversaturation can have that effect.


That was pretty impressive playing the synth part on guitar.

The original is a dance classic, that has had so many remakes, remixes, and reuse of elements in so many techno/dance/electronica/industrial albums.

One of my personal favorites is Messiah who did several remakes, IIRC with Precious WIlson for the vocals. Here is one from the album and from the 12" single.

And an example of reusing elements, Komor Kommando uses the synth line to remix Grendel’s Chemicals + Circuitry and It’s fantastic, IMO

Yep. Pretty sure Giorgio Moroder didn’t have to do anywhere near as much finger work on the original. 0_o

Hardly a fair comparison, there; as that’s arguably the best mix of a truly great song sung by an incomparable vocalist.


RIP LaDonna