Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Give It Away" covered by one person in the style of 20 different bands


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Each of those was so much more inventive than many cover versions bands put out.


That was super fun! I needed that. Depeche Mode and John Williams FTW! Cute.


I was hoping for a CIA black site torture version


just amazing…


That was awesome. Too many versions to single out, I’ve got tears in my eyes!


Man, that David Bowie version was something else.


I wanted so badly to hate that…and I just couldn’t.



That was great! All of them.

The RHCPs dropped by my college back in the day for a free outdoor concert. It was just as you might imagine, AWESOME! Good times. Been a huge fan ever since.


These were what covers should be - inventive and original. Like when Devo sang Satisfaction. 99% of cover bands are a waste of perfectly good sound.


I thought the Zappa and Bowie ones were perfect.


Man, slipknot voice/mood right into 21 pilots? Talk about abrupt transitions. I wonder how many times he had to do this before getting all the transitions just right.


This is a musical wonderful thing.

Thank you.


Around '84 or '85 when the RHCP’s were still touring out of the back of a beat up van, they played at the punk/hippie/biker bar that was my main hangout. I was super excited to see them, but was rather disappointed that it wasn’t a sox on cox concert.


I was equally impressed with his complete changes of body language for each transition.


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