Reddit can't talk about National Security Letters and warrant canaries, but ACLU can, in a Reddit AMA, LOL


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They think they can just talk about anything they want because they hate freedom and want the terrorists to win. Real patriots know when to keep their mouths shut.


AUA? Another Useless Acronym?


well, “AMA” would be “ask me anything,” but there are two interviewees, so…

but if you were being sarcastic, I missed it; my b.


Thanks, I thought to myself: “well, AMA” is ‘ask me anything’…" but my brain stopped working right then, obviously. So I looked it up, and the acronym site I came across suggested that one.

So, I was both being and not being sarcastic. I hope I can achieve satori because of this.


your satori is granted. long live Jambi.



“National Security” letters?





This is bullshit. It’s suppression of first amendment rights.

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