Reddit plans its crack at advertising


A shameful memory. Let it burn.

Memory of… what exactly?

it’s from Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra when Caesar is informed that the Library of Alexandria is burning, thereby erasing the collective memory of mankind. He responds as indicated.

not a perfect metaphor, but in my convoluted logic, I meant to indicate that this move will destroy the community, and thereby the site (as we know it, anyhow,) but then again, so what?

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I’m not against advertising as long as it’s not intrusive - like autoplay videos - or overly invasive like planting a cookie and tracking my every internet move. If I’m on the motorcycle area of Reddit for example and see ads for motorcycle parts then I don’t find that irritating. It might answer a need I have.

But I find this section of the NYT article troubling:

““People on Reddit want to be anonymous, and at some point these brands want to have a real relationship with their customers,” said Brian Blau, an Internet analyst with Gartner Research. “Can Reddit deliver that over time?””

Well guess what, most of us don’t want a “real” relationship with the companies we buy products from - that’s what friends and family are for. I know advertisers want are our names, addresses, income level. likes and dislikes. Too bad, if I wanted them to have that, I’d be on Facebook.

If they try to push it to that point then Reddit will die like Digg.

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Yea, mm-hm, advertising on Reddit is not exactly the burning of the Library of Alexandria. I would not have leapt right to that particular metaphor.

The recent changes made to the site have already resulted in a marked decrease in quality and participation in the reddit that I moderate, and has also led me to spend dramatically less time on the site.

It was clear a month ago to those who pay attention that these changes were solely put in for advertisers and not to help the user experience (or fight spam) as was publicly stated.

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