Reddit shuts down The_Donald for hate speech, harassment, and targeting


[Also, I have the obligatories ready to go when the Freeze Peachers show up to lament the “First Amendment violation”]


Those people also vote. It’s sad that there are a enough of them in the world that this is still all very uncertain.


They also shut down the r/chapotraphouse subreddit, for the same reason. I never really frequented it, but I would bet that most of the hate in that one was directed towards cops and insufficiently leftist democrats.

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Good. I liked’s Doctor Who Marathons with live commenting. So many barely appropriate comments about classic Who companions.


They also axed r/gendercritical. It’s an anti-trans sub that has been brigading and attacking trans supportive subs for years. Like, folks trawl trans subs for vulnerable and suicidal posters’ and then flood their DM’s with missives to kill themselves. It’s been a known hate sub for years, and they just up and booted them. That’s a win for my community.


Took them long enough.


Too little, too late, Reddit. I haven’t had an account there for years, and I completely stopped visiting the site months ago. They’re going to need to clean house far more than that to become anything of value again.


They got quarantined for John Brown memes, but they also brigaded right wing subreddits. There were lots of tankies there too, so lots of gulag memes.

I never went there either because I find it hard to trust the dirtbag left. C@ would repost their best stuff anyway, so I wasn’t missing anything.


We still need to get rid of LGBdroptheT and itsafetish.


that was really fun. also the Bob Ross painting marathons. we were watching that one night and suddenly understood how Twitch could be the future of television.


I can’t believe how many so called conservatives on reddit blame Bubba Wallace for somehow creating the noose controversy, comparing him to Jussie Smollet. It is truly sick.


Damn, they missed those ones. Here’s hoping they go too. I hate those two almost as much.


This is fucking terrible and I cannot believe the users involved weren’t permabanned the first time they tried that shit.

It’s shit like this that has me convinced growing much larger than the BBS is simple untenable for social media. There’s too many (barely-concealed) shadow bigots and assholes in the world looking for places to infect.


What brought the exodus on?

4 months ago, Reddit admins banhammered a bunch of r/The_Donald mods, for repeated violations of TOS. Because this wasn’t their first rodeo, Reddit decided not to let the remaining mods recruit replacements, but instead gave them a list of mods that Reddit had approved for them, and told them to choose from those.

Snipped their balls!

That is what instigated the exodus. And good riddance to those scumbags! Really, what happened today was that the sub was officially banned, but it had been inactive since the neutering.


But they’re in this weird position where any subreddit these (or any Trump) users flock to, will, by definition, become a forum for hate speech, harassment, and targeting…


It’s been a known issue for a long time, but even when reported they make new accounts and before now Reddit admins seemed uninterested in the problem.

When I was young and the internet was new, I thought having no moderation and free discourse was a good thing. Now I would rather have moderators to make sure this kind of abuse can’t happen. At least in the BBS days, there wasn’t as much reach for these people to gather more racists and bigots to their cause.


Yeah, but they seem to be celebrating their demise?

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When they (CTH) were quarantined they saw that they had limited time and decided to do all the same shit that T_D were doing in the hope of taking them down with them.

Whether you agree with that tactic or not, it seems to have worked.


For all their supposed progressiveness, Chapo Trap House and the “dirtbag left” are just as happy to engage in “just joking” sexist and racist edgelord stereotyping as the alt-right creeps they oppose. Good riddance to them, too.


While I’m sad to see CTH go away because of its sheer size and avalanche of content, I can say there’s a lot of superior far left subs on Reddit to fill the gap.