ReddyIce appeals to Kari Lake supporters

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So I’m guessing reddyice wants to lose sales. Not too smart, but then again neither is Kari.


I feel like there’s a very good chance the intern who runs the Reddy Ice social media accounts has no idea who Kari Lake is. After all, why should they? She’s a nobody who has won no elections and holds no position, and is of no significance to national politics (or frankly, at this point, even Arizona politics).


She was a TV anchor for the local fox affiliate for some time prior to going into politics.

according to WIkipedia, Reddy Ice is Headquartered in Dallas Texas- dunno if that affects anything.



I pay a pretty decent amount of attention to National politics and whenever I hear her name I have to work to remember whether or not she’s the one who used to have a daytime talk show in the 90s.


Are they hoping to parlay some woke cancelling into Fox/OAN air time?


Kari Lake; wasn’t that where the Vorhees family had their summer camp?


If they’re still advertising on Twitter, they’re pro-fascist. They just know who their audience is there.


Which, if anything, just makes her more obscure for anyone outside Arizona. I learned she was a former tv anchor in a “I’ll have to take your word for it” kind of way.

And they’re very much a national chain, so their social media person could be anywhere. (Heck, in theory, even outside the US. Any companies get caught outsourcing their social media work to India or Philippines, etc.?)

It occurs to me that outside of Boingboing, I hear almost nothing about Kari Lake these days. (And what little I do, is probably via social media dunks.) I really couldn’t expect anyone outside Arizona, even one who is paying attention to their local and federal politics, to know who she is.

It’s possible, but I wouldn’t discount corporate inertia when it comes to these things. (Also, for social media, there’s no real alternative, so a lot of people very grudgingly stay on Twitter, despite the current owner.)

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Is this garbage come straight from T***p orifice by speech-to-text? It gives the same vibe.

Made from the tears of big strong men.

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…and on this day ReddyIce learned a useful lesson in expiring authorization tokens given to low wage content farm employees.


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