Redneck Fireworks: DIY launcher shoots 8,500 bottle rockets


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when ii was a teenager my friends and i would get bottle rockets and have bottle rocket fights. seriously, we would shoot at each other with bottle rockets we would make launchers and mortars out of pvc pipe. it’s amazing we all still have our fingers and eyes. good times.


“Hold mah beer an watch this!”


s/redneck/maker with a southern drawl/


We did the same. Surprisingly, nobody ever got hurt.
We also used to have fights with Jumpin’ Jacks (small versions of the blooming flower fireworks). We only had jumping jack wars after a good rain because they would burn hot until they ran out of fuel (would burn under water). They were fun because you would light em’ and toss them in the direction that you wanted, but then they would just zip off at random. These did hurt my friend when he got hit in the middle of the back while wearing a polyester shirt (it stuck and melted into the shirt) – no major burn (small 2nd degree blister), but it did get us to stop playing with those.


That would be the guy who connects 8500 bottle rockets to a lawn chair in an effort to get airborne.


That video led me to this fine NSFW video (Caution explicit language, rednecks on toilets and confederate flags.


That’s pretty good, but not as good as this redneck bottle rocket launcher:



And this is why I love rednecks!


Yes. We’re all Look At The Underclass but then you realize the engineering work is pretty quality.


Anyone have a vague idea how much 8500 bottle rockets would cost?


Everyone here may want to mock them, but I for one stand up and salute their brilliance and innovation.

Now the next question, if it was any sort of spontaneous thing (which is what the quote would seem to imply", then my thought has to be “WHO THE F HAS 8500 BOTTLE ROCKETS JUST SITTING AROUND?!?!”

I’m going to call shenanigans on the quote, and say that this was obviously planned in advance, and wasn’t some sort of beer fueled spontaneous decision.


Reminds me of a hwacha


I’m just impressed by their safety officer’s ability to keep count of 'em all at that rate.


A good illustration of why I am so fond of the South, with their engineering ingenuity, rough do-with-what-you-got hacks, and rebel flags.

Say whatever you want, an evening of assembling a rocket array or welding together a road war rig out of junk cars beats an evening with do-gooders whining about injustices and wrongs and calling for (or, worse, celebrating) various bans, or, even worse, language policing.


Did this in college. We used roman candles and mortar shells, too.


next morning: “honey, do you know what happened to our front gate?”


I don’t think the South has any kind of advantage in these areas, except for the overt racism/flags part. Rural people everywhere are good at making do with what they have, and creative/creatively destructive when it comes to manufacturing your own fun.


roman candles were the best in firework combat shenanigans. you only had to light it once and then you could run your offensive without stopping to re-load.