Refrigerator full of Super Nintendo Jurassic Park cartridges could be yours


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I was amazed at the $12 shipping until I realized the fridge and Bacardi were not included.


thats actually a really fun game! i bought a box of snes games as a kid & this was a pleasant suprise in it.


I will also include the schlue of other Jurassic Park games:

Can I just buy the schlue?


Man, I had no idea the Paleo Diet allowed booze.


Classic bait and switch.


Hey, as long as it’s not made from grain…


Nintendo cartridges in a fridge?
I’ll show myself out…


Don’t you just hate it when you are in the mood for playing your favorite retro console game and go to the refrigerator and find you are all out of your cartridge of choice? Stocking up on JP cartridges could be just the answer!


Well, sugarcane is in the Poaceae…


I’m old enough to remember keeping film in the refridgerator but I don’t remember any rationale for keeping cartridges there. Did it keep them fresh? Did I miss something?


(This was circulating some time ago. I don’t think I ever found out what the original deal was.)


You missed that absurd mono-collecting of uncool 90s pop culture artefacts (eg 100s of VHS copies of Speed) has become a meme/trend, and that ‘random’ things like displaying said collection in a fridge plays well on the internets :slight_smile:


I did miss that.

Is there some coverage of this thing? Particularly with a collection of pictures of collections…


don’t have anything to hand sorry but here’s a list of lists of lists

Google “Speed vhs collection” or something should find that, I think there were actually two unrelated people/groups collecting every copy of Speed they could!


I am a fan of lists: posts once an hour, and won’t be done for 2 years. Before I condensed it, I calculated that the original list would take 4 years if posted at 15-minute intervals. And that wasn’t even taking the 140-char twitter-post-limit into consideration. Anyway.

You should automate whatever process you used to make that book of yours, and have it tweet or tumble or whatever it out into the wide world.

That’s just crazy. Like a fox crazy, unless they pay money for them. Then it’s just brain-damage crazy.


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