Register with Donate Life. Please

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Always a good thing to do. How is Donate Life different than signing up as a donor at the DMV?


Millions of people are sitting in front of their computer right now in perfectly pleasant locations, the DMV is a hellscape?




I already specified it in my will and on my driver’s license but this sounds like a great option, too. Thanks for posting this, Jason, and my condolences on your loss.


But if I’m already an organ donor on my driving license, and I sign up for Donate Life, will they end up fighting over my liver?


Depends on how often you visit the “Which Whisky” thread.


Just FTR, my niece was saved by a donated liver. It was a part of her father’s. But the parents are being told that quite probably, in about 10 years, she will need a new one.

She was diagnosed with six weeks, transplanted with four months.


On their legal page, “DLA and its affiliates do not sell or transmit personal information to other organizations.”

And then they have this page to become a partner.

So, anybody who wants to donate a few bucks can suck up all that sweet, sweet donor data?

I’m donating all my organs to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She doesn’t even have to wait until I’m dead, she can just take my liver or whatever if she needs it.


What if I just got a tattoo that said “organ donor”? Legally speaking, would that mean anything?

Ditto .She can have any organs from me while I’m still alive. Drink my blood? Yes. Whatever it takes Ruth.

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Take all my readily useful bits and fertilize a tree with the rest.

As the proud possessor of a donated ACL, fuck yeah!

I’m sorry for the loss of your uncle, Jason. Thank you for writing about him so warmly.

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Already a donor on my license, but registered now. I periodically donate blood too when the blood bank manages to catch me in town–something else I recommend to people if you can find the time.

Especially if you have rarer blood types, or are a universal donor:


Sorry, but after I read Scott Carney’s “The Red Market”, as recommended by Cory himself, I removed my organ-donor status and won’t change it unless transplant teams change their harvesting protocols.

Might work.

Just signed up, thanks for posting this.

Well it can’t hurt to try. I’m very seriously considering it.