Relax! Calm app and website are here to reduce your stress


Way too much javascript that I have to enable, reload, enable more, reload etc.
Heavily scripted sites are just too stressful.

wow, BB is going nuts with the ads / product endorsements / etc.
I count 7 in the last 24 hours alone.

I know you gotta pay the bills, but… well I don’t have a “but”.
Just felt like venting about it i guess.

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Yes, an app that will make me worry about how much free space I have on my phone, that will use up the battery and likely crash, and that regularly tells me I need the new “upgrade” that’s really just a cosmetic reworking that takes everything I like about the current version and screws it up is exactly what I need to relax.


Sorry, but Javascript-rich webpages are here to stay. Anything that’s remotely complex is built using Javascript these days. Heck, how many scripts did you have to enable to use the Discourse comments here?

There are numerous articles saying that the supposed security benefit is dubious. If you want click-to-play plugins (to stop annoying Flash ads, etc), that’s one thing. But disabling Javascript is crippling your browser, and it’s just going to get worse and worse (speaking as a front-end web developer).

Point is, you can do it all you like, but then complaining about it is a bit like saying “nope, can’t drive at night. It’s just too hard to see with my sunglasses on.

I allowed one for BB and one for virtual-host-discourse. Simple and clearly marked. And yeah, often it’s a pain in the ass when sites don’t host their own scripts, or it’s impossible to tell which sites they’re referencing. So fuck it, if it’s a news article or image gallery or whatever I get it elsewhere (there’s pretty much always an elsewhere) and that site loses my view in favour of another. And with more and more people installing blockers, it seems oftentimes that sites are crippling themselves with unnecessary complexity when a simple solution often suffices. As an ex web-designer myself, I always went for the simplest solution and insisted that sites host their own scripts.

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