Am I the only one who is having issues with BB being horribly buggy?

As BB has become more complex with all the java scripting and ads and everything BB has been acting like crap for me lately.

I work on a MacBook Pro at work, and refreshing the main page or sometimes just swapping between a tab will take 30 secs of that little rainbow spinning thing.

On my Dell at home it seems to lock up more often and I constantly have unresponsive script warnings.

On the Dell some times the advertisements start to play for no reason.

I use Firefox on both.

I understand the need for scripting and running ads, but maybe it’s time to take an audit and make sure everything is streamlined and running well. Unless of course it is just me, then who cares.

Website or BBS? We do care.

I bet you’re just clogged up with 221 NOTIFICATIONS and therefore you are fuct until you respond to them.

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I often have to stop script to get the page to load. This would be on the main site not BBS. I use Firefox.

The main site. The BBS seems to be ok. I don’t recall any errors.

If it matters I use the classic look on - no the main page.

FWIW I have had to stop script on:

4 times within the last hour of surfing. I am not even really on BB right now, it’s just on a tab.

Hmm, try using an adblocker in the short term? It looks like that script is for a html5 ad player. I personally don’t see this include on the BB site, but they may rotate ad sources based on region.

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I don’t really know what the script is doing on our page. We’ll look around.

FYI @deanputney @beschizza

Well I assume it’s on BB. I’m on another site and the BB tab opens up with the error.

In our defense, each and every one of those 221 notifications is, in its own small way, Badass.

Hmm I had that script just crash on the Macbook now.

My guess is that someone embedded something third-party in a post or somesuch ,and it crapped itself in a bad way. This happens now and again with things like badly-engineered TV affiliate video embeds. We usually remember not to use them, and they cycle out fast quick.

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