Do BoingBoing Editors use ad or flash blocking software when they look at the site?

I just installed a flash blocker and discovered that BB loads and moves like a normal webpage without all that crap.

Pointing, pointing, pointing.

Do the editors know how crappy the page is with flash ads all over the place?

wouldn’t that disable the videos, though?

You can turn on flash for each video as you want and not have ads gobbling processor time and leaking memory all over the place.

I don’t run ad blockers… but I did notice that the BB site proper shifts around a lot on load, which is definitely… not optimal. @deanputney is there any way to optimize the loading or specify sizes of the loaded areas so the page does not shift around as much?

Yeah, I was in a pissy mood this morning. As you may have noticed.

I think for people without the newest equipment the load of flash on the front page is a problem. My browser frequently just stops responding for a minute while all the flash gets going. BB is not the only site that does this to me. CurbedLA is worse. (though that might be stupid scripts, I haven’t been there today so I haven’t seen it without flash.)

This wouldn’t be a problem for you MS users, of course.

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By the way. I don’t use ad blockers as a rule because I figure it supports the site. I did this today to see if it would clear up the “all pages must reload” thing that Safari likes to do. It did work for that,too.

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It’s because you hate ukeleles and steampunk and Disneyland, isn’t it. Isn’t it.

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I run a 2006 MacBook with an outdated version of OS, and no Adblock software. Not exactly the the newest equipment. The site used to be miserably slow for me. It’s not anymore. Some of the behind the scenes changes Dean and Co. have made really helped a lot. At this point, BB doesn’t load any worse for me than most other sites.

same issue here.

I don’t use any adblocking at all

The delayed loading/shifting effect is a side effect of delaying loading ads, so the ads themselves don’t slow the loading of content of the page

It was much worse before we started doing this. We swapped appalling load times for fast-load-times with some rendering bugs, I guess.

Edit: Testing editing!

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We recently went to youtube thumbnails only on the front door. We’re going to extend that to vimeo and, soon, remove all flash editorial stuff from the homepage entirely. That is a big step.

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don’t youtube and vimeo use HTML5?

Safari and flash seem to be having a head-butting contest. I do wish they could work it out. I am a very happy mutant this morning. Thanks to the editors for working this out and to me for remembering to take my meds.

Not always. And instantiating the players is still a performance/rendering/bandwidth hit significantly harder than plopping a 20k JPEG on the page

My ipad 3 doesn’t run flash, and yet I am blessed with all manner of ills–crashes, constant refreshes etc. It’s gotten better since discus was dumped.


How does BB render on Lynx?

Good point @jerwin, removing Disqus does have the benefit of simplifying each individual BB page rather substantially – there was a large amount of JavaScript required to instantiate Disqus and load all the comments in-page.