Relax with water dancing in this singing bowl

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We got some nice singing bowls last year and have tried this with the water, to no avail. Our biggest one is smaller than the one pictured. I wonder if that’s the clincher.
Going to try again today. Based on this video, I think I also may have not put enough water in when I tried last time.


Is there a Jimi Hendrix version, with’a slight reverb?

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Came to update: I just tried this but put way more water in than on my first attempt, filled the bowl to about 1/4 inch below the rim. It totally worked!
It wasn’t as dynamic as the video, but my bowl is maybe 1/2 to 2/3 that diameter or so.
It worked with the soft side of the mallet, but not the uncovered wooden side.
And having the water helped with the singing, because it gave it more heft so it doesn’t slide all around.
Great new thing to play around with. :slight_smile:


Also a version with sand:

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Obligatory reference, it’s just corn starch!

Took your lead and tried this with a wine glass and a wet finger, same principal. Didn’t get the spray but what was happening on the surface was more interesting a la @allenk videos. Best to use red not white so you can see the surface and start with less rather than more wine - there’s an easy solution to getting less wine :grin:

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